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Here’s what people are saying about Dave Stelzl


Doug Baker

President, ICE

“Your stuff works Dave, Thanks for the advice! I like to deal with CEO’s only, in the SMB space, because they have the checkbook; they are the asset owners.

Talking to them about technology is really tough. But when talking about Operational Efficiencies, Data Risk, or obtaining those efficiencies and Costs reductions, I can tell you my margins have doubled, sales are taken to a higher level, and the CIO/IT guy and the CFO are now only supporters or influencers, not decision makers.

This has opened up a whole new sales discussion and approach.”

Top qualities: Doubled margins, Dealing with Business Owners, Advice


Manuel Navarro

Sales Rep, Praxis

“I highly recommend David. While working at Praxis Computing, Inc, David was hired as my sales coach and business planning mentor. He played a significant role in our success selling IT security equipment and services. The “Cloud and House” presentation that he devised was implemented throughout our process from seminars and events to board room presentations and deal negotiations. Furthermore David is extremely efficient and helped me to successfully leverage my calendar utilizing time and work flow management to increase performance. In conclusion, David Stelzl’s advice is extremely valuable.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


Nate Freeman

President, Network People

We recently held an educational event with David Stelzl as our keynote speaker to explain the 7 Essential Mindsets of securing critical data.  The event was held at the right time, with the right people, and at the right place and was a great success!  We had 74 people in attendance which represented 31 actual companies.  Of those, 65% signed up for a Risk Assessment that night and an additional 5 companies wanted project work done.  Since then, we’ve had two of 31 companies actually call us for help with security issues.  Both have engaged for project work.  They definitely would not have called without us doing the event.

Judging the success of the educational event alone, I would be thrilled.  But something very powerful happened afterwards that I did not expect.  A “Security” specialty opens doors even when my competitors are standing in them.  In two meetings last week, I was discussing critical data with business owners as a follow-up to the event. Those owners gave me access to the entire network, passwords, interviews with staff, and most importantly TIME with themselves.  I never could have had quality appointments like that without first delivering quality and value to those owners through the educational event with David Stelzl.  When time is money and every second counts, the meetings I choose to attend must be valuable.  The security specialty and Stelzl’s message has given me an open door to pinpoint the holes in security that businesses have and allows me a quality conversation to remedy those holes.  The specialty eliminates the typical roadblocks from internal/external IT people protecting their domains—even at the risk of the business being insecure.   The result: meetings that get to the REAL problem, proposals with a higher close rate, solutions that are custom designed and valuable to the owner.    Now that is a win-win.


Carlo Minassian

CEO, Earthwave

I wanted to sincerely thank you for the impact you have had on my business (earthwave) all the way out here in Sydney – Australia.

I haven’t had the pleasure of attending any of your courses however by simply following (memorizing) “Making Money with Security” business practices and adopting the House & the Cloud sales strategies I have been able to completely re-engineer my go to market approach that is actually ideal to be applied to any MSSP, as it brings home the importance of Detection & Response.

Furthermore, I have pushed these strategies to my channel partners as part of our channel program, and helped them align their go to market to ours. So by simply extending your Educational Marketing message, now I have more committed partners who are actively taking us in front of their customers knowing well the powerful messaging we are going to deliver.

I have now witnessed average sales reps from my channel partners take the time and apply them selves to your model and have literally transformed themselves into great security sales people that are now highly sought after. In my opinion, any sales person could do the same if they just took the time to read and apply them selves.



Norm Sklar

Partner/Owner, Sklar Technology Partners

Dear Dave,

Sometime you forget just how valuable someone is. I just want to let you know how we feel about our working relationship.

Working with Stelzl Visionary Learning Concepts over the past five years has been the best investment Sklar Technology Partners could have made. Our investment with you has been paid back many many times over. My son Randy learned more about running our business than he would have by getting a masters degree in college. I honestly believe that with your help our company not only survived the recent recession but actually thrived and grew over the past two years. And did I mention what a pleasure it is to work with you? You have become a very important part of the Sklar Technology Partners’ management team and we thank you.


Norman J. Sklar
Sklar Technology Partners


David Prince

President, Data Branch

… Your keynote message was outstanding; thought-provoking, very informative, entertaining – you delivered exactly what we were hoping for and more.  The feedback from all attendees was excellent – you were a definite hit.


DJ Valerie

Sales, ePlus Technologies

“…I learned more in 2 days at the Mastering Boardroom Presentations workshop than I have in 10 years of sales and sales training…I’ve recommended that my managers continue to invest in your training programs, they obviously work!”


Randy Premont

Sales, Fusion Storm

Dave was fabulous. This was, without a doubt, the best one day workshop I have attended in years and I have been in this business for 37 years. I intend to make good use of the information and I intend to read Dave’s book. Keep up the good work!


John Stengel

President, JStengel Consulting

“…You did a fantastic job presenting  material I can use today!  Well worth the money…”


Matt Evans

Sales, ePlus Technologies

“…Fantastic…best I have ever attended!”


Doug Baker

President, ICE

Dave, I use the House & the Cloud process from your training class every week with executives and business owners because it works!  We’re doing assessments, security projects, and growing our managed services business despite a down economy.  Thanks for all you’ve done to help us!


Rob Timmons

Senior Account Manager, Sklar Technology Partners


I wanted to write you this quick note to let you know that I appreciate all the help you have given me this pass year.I started the coaching process with you earlier in 2009 and I have made amazing strides with my sales career since then. I had one of the largest sales quarters ever! I believe a large percentage of the credit goes to the process you have help me build with focus on finding risk!

I would recommend you to others in a New York minute!


Carlos Simmonds

Senior Account Manager, Qwest

… this has been the best and most helpful session I have had my entire career.  By applying the skills learned through your training, I was able to gain access to the CEO, proposing a 450K deal.  By the end of the meeting we had added another 150K for security… WOW, it really does work. Your website is now my home page on both home and work computers. 🙂


Jade Witte

Senior Account Manager, Nexus IS

… Your training workshop ROCKED!


Lee Carter

Director of Security, AOS

Following your training,  I couldn’t stop thinking about your approach…it absolutely makes sense. You’ve convinced me to  Since change our assessment approach to include a larger focus on asset
identification and risk enumeration to those assets. We just completed our “first” real asset approached security assessment for a large hospital and delivered the results to the head of the finance committee! Initially this individual was going to “summarize” our findings to take to their quarterly board meeting… He figured he would have to do this because our presentation was going to be too technical…

However, after delivering it to him, he asked that we re-deliver it in the exact same content and approach to the entire financial committee and board of directors… We presented directly to the CEO of the
hospital and have complete buy-in on our security recommendations moving forward…all as a result of the process you’ve shown us…



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