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Interview On Cloud

December 17, 2015 — Leave a comment

This event closed 100% of the Attendees!

The above video comes from an interview I did with Randy Sklar, President of Sklar Technology Partners.  

Whenever you do an event, it is best to video it!

These video clips and interviews can then be used as promotional pieces for your next event – as well as catalyst for setting up meetings with companies that did not attend the event!

Try This and other great strategies presented in my latest book, The House & the Cloud.

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Ingram MicroAre You Getting Through To New Prospects?

Yesterday I posted some strategies to find new customers using LinkedIn.  Having used this method myself for several months, I’ve been amazed at how much easier this is than trying to reach out to someone I don’t know by phone or email. It does work.  However, there’s a catch…

On May 21st, Ingram Micro is sponsoring an online workshop (Click to Register) where I’ll be addressing effective messaging used for prospecting – where I will be covering this in detail. If you want more clients, you need three things:

Understanding Your Market.  

This is your people group.  It’s the person you are reaching out to.  But knowing they run a small business, or serve as the CISO for a Fortune 500 is not enough.  We all have a target market – if we don’t define it properly, we end up with nothing. In fact, I was meeting with a guy not too long ago with this problem. When we first connected by phone he claimed to know just about everything there is to know about technology.  From his point of view he could sell any technology solution to just about any size or industry prospect. But when I asked him how many active clients he had, his answer was in the single digits!  It turns out that having a broad view of the market often leads to a watered down message.

Second, you need a Message.

This is what I’ll be spending most of my time on in the upcoming workshop. Every company pretends to have a message – the problem is they all sound the same. Good messaging meets a person where they are right now – then takes them to the place you need them to go. If your message isn’t built for a specific people group, it won’t move anyone to action.

Finally, there’s your media.

On a coaching call yesterday, with a well seasoned enterprise rep, we were reviewing this final step. It was an ah-ha moment. The sales person I was working with is successful, has a a well defined people group, and knows their message. As we worked through these concepts there was a sudden awakening! The media discussion brought in a bunch of new ideas. Email and phone are not your only choices. And some people respond better to one media over another. Finding out which one is important.  It’s also helpful to see how to turn something we all have, like a website, into a marketing tool. The truth is, most of the reseller websites out there are nothing more than a datasheet online.

Remember, If it doesn’t convert, its not marketing.

© 2015, David Stelzl

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for the Ingram Micro Workshop: (Click to register)  – May 21st, 1:00 PM ET.

Blog QR AdWe’re off to a busy week this week with a Cisco sponsored web event this afternoon, and kicking off my third Making Money w/ Security (and Managed Services) event tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM.  As part of today’s web – with over 200 people signed up, I pulled together some of the most important concepts from my Event Marketing eBook in a new product I call, The Idea Book (click to read more and order it) – a Quick Reference Demand Generation book with 19 easy to follow pages to take you through the major concepts. In addition, I have also put together a package that includes this quick reference along with the 100 page detailed guide, and over 6 hours of instruction on how to pull off the most successful marketing event you’ve ever held.

Check out the right hand sidebar for the new quick reference IDEA BOOK – priced like a phone app or iTunes download, it’s just $1.99.  If you want the full blown program, you can get it here with a 20% discount (for a limited time).  It’s time to get serious about marketing….

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lockOver the past week I have received a number of questions about the upcoming Making Money w/ Security Workshop.  This morning I posted a new FAQ page, which answers some of the most frequently asked questions…

Here’s the link: (CLICK)

If you have never attended one of these workshops, here’s your chance: Read more right here…

Who should attend?  Anyone helping to drive new security business – that means both sales and marketing professionals, managed services providers, security vendors, and security solution providers.  I highly recommend presales consultants and SEs attend these sessions – right now I am over in Singapore working with a group of presales SEs on the direct vendor side of the business.  I’ll be presenting similar material at the end of this month via Webex.  This program will change to the way you think and sell…or I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

© 2013, David Stelzl

Happy 4th of July –  three important things you don’t want to be without.

1. I’ve changed the pricing on my live event marketing audio program – get it today for just 99 cents!  (MP3)

2. You’ll also want to add the Event Marketing Field Guide…100 pages of step by step instructions that will basically eliminate all of the wasted time you spend cold calling. (Click Here).

3. And don’t forget, you can sign up now for the online Making Money w/ Security workshop right now – only a few seats are left at this point. (Click)

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lockI’ve just announced new dates for the summer Making Money w/ Security (and Managed Services) online workshop.  This class has really taken off over the past year with average attendance in the 20s…and the reports back from those who have attended has been very encouraging.

Mark down: July 31-August 2!

I started doing these workshops online to allow smaller companies, not able to host a live workshop, to attend.  This also eliminates any travel requirements, and by scheduling over three days, you only need two hours each day to attend, leaving the rest of the day free to work on your business opportunities.

If you’re in sales or marketing you should try to attend one of these.  This is not a basic sales class – I assume you know how to sell.  This is more about knowing where the security opportunities are – both in large and small accounts, reaching decision makers (even in new accounts where you don’t have a relationship), and building justification.  I routinely have people call me to tell me they’ve multiplied a simple product opportunity in to something major or closed a deal in one day following an assessment.  Last year one of my attendees called to let me know he landed his first million dollar deal using these principles – and another reseller went from unmeasurable results with lunch & learns to a 71% conversion rate – attendees to an assessment.

You can learn more here: – as well as sign up.  If you’ve been through my coaching program be sure the select the Mentor Program Alumni rate!  Seating is limited and I have selling out of the past three quarters, so don’t wait.

© 2013, David Stelzl

Friday we completed day three of the Event Marketing workshop!  It was a packed three days – a great group, and I believe we covered a lot of ground.  As promised, I did complete the book, Event Marketing, 7 Steps to Profitability Using Lunch & Learns and Sales Events.  I also completed my editing of the audio files from the class on Monday…

The Book

Here is how you can get the book…it’s just $9.99 and only available on my digital download site right now…


The Workshop – Audio Files

You can also get the entire 6 hour audio program from the workshop.  If you order now, you’ll receive the ebook with it!  Here’s the link.

Next, I’ll be conducting an actual event using these principles, on Thursday this week.  If you’ve been reading the Wall Street Journal over the past several days you know that security has been in the news with several major attacks coming from outside the US.  In particular, the US banks and infrastructure are under attack.  Much of this seems to be rooted in Iran’s response to Stuxnet and other irritations they associate with the US.  We’ve also seen some large scale attacks on a large Florida university, compromising hundreds of identities.  Keep your eyes on what is happening out there – your clients will thank you for it.  In the mean time, be sure to read through and listen to these materials on Events.  I look forward to your feed back.

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