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2016-06-14_15-12-33How is Your MSP Retention?

If you’re losing customers over the year, you’re losing money – big money.

The average stay for a client on an MSP contract is a few years, but if you look at a single year’s profit for your average customer (12 months of payments), losing adds up quickly.

Tomorrow Ingram Micro will be hosting a Livecast where I will be addressing this issue. Of course, I will be pointing back to security, and how to leverage security to increase retention. But not just security – there are some great strategies that you can put to work right now to increase retention and keep your value proposition strong. Hope to see you there.

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graph-going-upWant to Multiply Your Managed Services Business?

Join Me This Thursday

I’ll be presenting a repeat of last week’s session on how to Transform Your Technology Reseller Business w/ Security.

Find out how to grab the attention of business owners who don’t really think they need more security.

Discover how I convert 90% of the audience when presenting security at reseller lunch & learns (In just 60 minutes).

See why budget does not matter – even when a company has nothing to spend, they’ll find money for security.

I’ll also show you why most resellers are failing to close annuity business of any kind, and how to change that with one simple change in your strategy.

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moneyAre You Getting New Customers Every Month?

Not everyone is – especially in the Small Business Market.  

The economy is shaky, and in an election year, many small business owners are waiting to see what’s going to happen.

In the mean time, you could be capitalizing on the security trends.  The news is full of horror stories these days.  But the sale isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Last week I presented a livecast workshop on WebinarJam – I’ve been using a strategy for the past 15 years that does not depend on economics or budgets.  And it’s proven to work over and over, even with people who don’t believe they need more security.

This is so important that I’ve gone out for sponsorship so you don’t have to pay the $500 I normally charge for the workshop.  Check Point and Ingram Micro have agreed to sponsor a second run of this program on April 7th! That’s this week!

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appleApple Does Not Have to Decrypt the Phone After All – This is a Historical Moment.

But Once Again, No Technology Is Really Secure…The FBI Has Managed to Break Through Apples iPhone Security.

Did you doubt they could? Did you think the iPhone could really stand up to this?  If you did, you need to know more about security. Good security means fast detection and real-time response.  The front door can always be broken into.

Security is a funny thing. If Apple had given in, case law would have been established. Any future crime could have forced the developer to change the code, create a backdoor, or make things less secure. I know there are many people saying this isn’t true, but most of them can’t claim any security expertise.  As a CISSP, I’m stating my opinion.  I haven’t met one serious security expert who disagrees with me – although I’m sure there are some.

On the other hand, security can always be broken into…that’s why there’s a huge opportunity for every technology company right now.  If you take on security there’s new business out there. We have a problem. If the FBI gained access (or some of their third party contractors), the bad guys can do it too.

There’s still time to join me for this week’s free online WebCast.  

This week I’ll be showing you how to create an annuity business that will far outlast the tradition commodity MSP business everyone is already doing.  You won’t have to abandon anything you already do. But you will be adding some things, and approaching the deal differently…and in a far more effective way.

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This training is so important, I wanted to find a way to get it to you without it costing you a fortune…so I’ve partnered with two technology companies that want the same thing!  Join me this week – Check Point and Tech Data have teamed up to bring this program to your laptop or phone.

Plus, they’re giving away additional training and products!  Click the link above now and find out more!…see you on Thursday.

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Experience Your First Hangout

Collaboration – a big trend in 2013, and growing quickly.

Have you been out to Google+ yet?  I mean for business…this is a growing powerful tool for business development and marketing.

The best thing is, it’s free.

Over the past ten years I’ve seen a significant move toward online collaboration and training – and it’s moving faster than ever.  In fact, 7 or 8 years ago all of my workshops were onsite – live.  This made quality training programs overly expensive for the smaller companies, and almost impossible for geographically dispersed companies.  Today, that’s all changed.  In 2013, while I still managed to rack up over 130,000 miles on USAirways, over half of my training programs were delivered online.

What I like About Google+ Hangouts

There are many web-based collaboration tools out there, but most are expensive and proprietary.

For instance, if you want to record your sessions, on most of the older platforms, you’ll run into additional fees for disk space, file types that you can’t easily upload to YouTube or Vimeo, and a number of other hurdles making it hard to edit and share.

If you are looking to do an event with a big group, you might just find that your account limits you to 25 or that there’s a significant cost to going over.  While Google is somewhat limited in large group collaboration – on the training side (You can’t interact with voice in a large group), it’s video delivery platform is excellent.  You can deliver content to thousands at one time.  But unlike television, you can interact through various chat utilities including a tool I use called Comment Tracker.  This allows the speaker to aggregate comments from a number of sources including Twitter and YouTube comments.  In Summary:

  • You can reach thousands for free.
  • Interact via chat with everyone from anywhere, on a variety of platforms.
  • Save your program automatically to YouTube (and edit it). The end-result is a a video in a format easily shared.
  • Share it with anyone, or just a select few. Or make it private.
  • Get it for free.
  • And for training purposes, attendees can actually stop the tape!  If they have to step out for 15 minutes they can actually rewind just like a pre-recorded session. Of course they’ll be behind the rest of the class making their questions seems out of sync, but at least it’s possible

One-on-One and Small Group Interaction on the Google+ Hangouts

Google+ looks like a great way to work with clients and prospects.  I use it for coaching and interviewing.

In a coaching session, I can record the session and make it available to the person I am working with – this is a huge step forward for the coaching industry.  Way better than a phone call where you have to keep up with note taking.  It also gives me that face to face interaction needed when building a relationship.

If you’re in sales, you know that in-person meetings are more effective than phone meetings. The problem is, if you sell to a large territory, you can’t really meet everyone face to face.  I had one client years ago who was constantly driving out to Knoxville from Charlotte.  That’s a 4 hour trip!  Many times he would end up with one meeting, maybe two.  That means he worked about 2 hours that day and spent the rest of him day listening to the radio in his car.  He probably made some calls on the cell phone, but we all know how effective that is.

Shorting out Google+ Hangouts, Hangouts on Air, and Live Events

Getting started may not be as simple as it sounds.  There are a few confusing things to navigate through.

First, there are Google hangouts, and there are Hangouts On Air (HOA).  They are not the same. The first is for small groups, the second for larger group interaction.  And then there’s the Live Events from the YouTube side – which is sort of the same thing as HOA, but it’s actually different.

A “Private” HOA can only be started from the YouTube side right now.  And if you use the Q&A app, (apps can be added to the toolset), it is only available from the HOA side – but Comment Tracker is similar and can be used by either.  There’s too much to go into here – but here’s how I figured it out:

Ronnie Bincer – The Hangout Helper.  Google him and you’ll see dozens of instructional videos, and an option to pay a monthly fee to join his mastery program (which I did join).  I also took it a step further and hired him to coach me through getting set up.  It was well worth his fee, and of course we did it on Google Hangouts, so I have the recorded session.

More Tools Coming

The best part is, this is a growing community – new tools and apps are being created as I write. There are several overlay options that give this platform incredible functionality for training, marketing, and more.  Some are fee based, some are free…joining Ronnie’s group keeps me up to date on this, so if you find yourself using this extensively, it might be worth checking him out.

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P.S.  This Friday, on the 24th, I will be conducting a live training session on How to Attract New Clients – using Google+.  This session is private – but if you sign up for my Two Month Free Trial – you can attend the class free of charge!  Hope to see you there – I’ll also be explaining how to use this tool in your sales process.

Just in case you missed this recent Ingram Micro sponsored program on Marketing….find out how to:

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– Put together the right presentation.

– Choose the right speaker.

– Move your audience forward.

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