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Here it is: (CLICK), a recording from yesterday’s Webex presentation on accessing decision makers…Also, over the past several webinars I have made some reading recommendations…

1. Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play: On this one I recommend the audio book…I’ve listened to this book dozens of times as he does a great job of getting down to business with busy executives that tend to give elusive answers to avoid being pinned down.

2. Made to Stick: Great book on Marketing.  I was recently talking to a young lady getting ready to head off to college for marketing – total waste of time.  Read  three or four books (this being one of them) and you’ll be way ahead of most marketing graduates.

3. Permission Marketing: Here’s another of my recommendations on marketing…I spoke about gaining permission through the demand generation / event process, and moving through the 4 meetings…these are simply practical steps of gaining permission.  Read what Seth Godin writes here and you’ll understand exactly what I am proposing in my Webinar.

4. The New Rules of Marketing and PR:  We haven’t mentioned this book yet, but it’s the third one to read on marketing.  As Social Media prevails, learn to use it in your business.

5. The House & the Cloud: I’ve mentioned this book countless times…yes it’s my book, and probably the only book specifically written to sales people on selling security technology.  You should read it…

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FREE webinar on accessing decision makers – tomorrow at Noon (EST) – (CLICK to sign up)

Back from Mumbai – today I will be presenting to 50 executives in Richmond Va, showing them why companies, regardless of how much they spend on data security, are still vulnerable and likely under attack.  Whenever I do an event like this, I understand that, while the message is critical, the follow up is equally important.  Without decision maker / Asset owner involvement, there will be no change.  With this in mind, I will be presenting a webinar tomorrow at noon (EST), where I will review concepts from my Making Money with Security workshop on how to access the people that make the decisions!  This is essential material for anyone in a technology sales role!  It’s sponsored by Cisco Systems, so there is no charge – anyone can join buy clicking here and signing up…hope to see you there tomorrow at noon.

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Join me on May 18th at 12 noon, EST for a FREE webinar (sponsored by Cisco Systems):  Sign up here (CLICK).  There is no cost, just a few items to fill in on Cisco registration web page.  I’ll be continuing a series on leveraging security assessments to grow your business.  Last month we covered educational marketing programs and how to draw in new prospects.  Building on last month’s topic, it is important to understand the decision making process and how to create justification to move the deal forward.

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Based on some of the follow up questions I received following Wednesday’s Webex on Effective Demand Generation I thought it might be helpful to add these points:

0. Don’t let the irritated, over-worked executive frustrate you or stifle your marketing plans…

1. Marketing, while considered to be very artsy, is very scientific.  Learn what motivates people, what turns them off, what causes them to be judgmental, and what creates open-mindedness.

2. The goal is to gain permission to continue the sales process.  Study Seth Godin’s book Permission Marketing for more insight on this.  Godin does a great job of explaining why marketing cannot be interruption driven, using mailings and billboard type selling.  This fits well with a consultative selling approach.  Events like we are describing here are just one step in gaining permission to consult and advise with decision makers.

3. Persuasion is an important concept.  I like the definition from our home school curriculum, “Guiding truth around other’s mental road blocks.”  Truth implies honest delivery of a client’s situation and your ability to improve it.  Roadblocks exist simply because the 95% you call on don’t really understand the issues like you do.  Demonstrate a need for risk mitigation or operational efficiency and you’re on your way to helping them.

4. Finally, remember that executives need your input.  Don’t shy away from communicating value.  Thousands of incompetent sales people have addressed this group in past meetings and phone calls, so don’t be surprised if there is some convincing to do up front.  If you have prepared properly, you are doing them a favor by contacting them.

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By David Stelzl

Here is the Playback link from a webinar I presented yesterday on Effective Demand Generation (CLICK)!  (Sponsored by Cisco Systems)

A few highlights:

1. We started out reviewing key marketing concepts. The fact is, old school marketing doesn’t work and CIOs are tired of the same old lines every sales person uses when following traditional sales training methodologies.

2. Events are one of three key platforms for marketing.  I mention all three, but then dive deep into 7 principles of effective demand generation marketing events.

3. I gave sample topics that work along with recommendations on types of speakers you should be considering for this type of event.

4. We discussed who needs to be there and how to get them there.

5. I detailed the follow up process which actually starts at the event and continues as reps go out, not only following up on those who attended, but leveraging that same event to access hundreds or thousands of additional qualified buyers.

The link does require you to register with Cisco, but I’d encourage you to do so – this information is an essential part of growing your business over the next 12 months.  Let me know how its working and how I can help.

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Join me this Wednesday at 12 Noon EST for a discussion on Effective Demand Generation and the use of security Assessments.  This is part of a series I am doing – sponsored by Cisco Systems.  There is no cost – you just need to sign up here (CLICK).  Scroll down and to the right for the registration button, and note future events as well.

This has been a hot topic as many are working to build their pipeline for 2011 – Demand Generation events are still one of the most effective ways to do this, however I see many of these types of events producing lackluster results!  Why?  It takes work; but it takes more than work.  There is a strategy to all of this, and when the formula is followed, it works.  In some of the blog posts I wrote last week I shared about events that produced almost nothing, or had as little as two attendees.  This is obviously not what we are looking for.  On the other hand, I will be talking about recent events where we had 75 -100 people attend.

But numbers, while they feel good at the time, are not always as profitable.  I’ve done smaller events with 10 people that drove half-million dollar security deals, others with 25-30 where just about every attendee represented new business to the host.  This is critical information for any sales team looking to grow, and any company looking to spend their joint marketing funds (JMF) on customer events.

When you click the link, be sure to scroll down and to the right – click the button, and sign up.  I’ll see you there online this Wednesday!

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As a follow up to the webinar last week, remember the 4 things in every sale – which one are you selling?  If it’s not one of these, price is your only advantage!

This isn’t the first time channel partners have faced financial struggles, but like always, a change is needed if you want good messaging.  A change in the message and a change in the solution strategy.  Marketing, Sales and Delivery are all involved.

As I’ve worked in and with both vendors and VARS, I’ve observed customers buying four things.  Just four things, in almost every case.  Perhaps a fifth in the consumer market.  They’re not products, and they’re not services.  They all impact business.

•              ROI (return on investment)

•              Operational Efficiency

•              Competitive advantage

•              Risk mitigation

If you were selling to consumers you might add a fifth  – experience. (Such as a special vacation or the thrill of skydiving).

Check your message today and ask – what am I really giving my client here!

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