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WebinarJam Offers A Great New Way To Reach Prospects

Are You Spending Two Hours in the Car Just To Explore?

That’s what I heard today while on the phone with an SVLC Insider’s Circle Member – two hours to the nearest city, many times just to meet.  No sale opportunity and a wasted trip.

It’s frustrating, but IT directors will take a meeting, letting you drive two hours, one way, knowing full well they don’t intend to do business with you. Another frustration is conducting expensive lunch & learn meetings at a high-end steak house only to get a room full of techies with no money and little influence.

Over the past half year I’ve been using Google+ Hangouts to meet with people.  Some are one-on-one coaching sessions, others are demand generation events, and a third is for group coaching sessions with the SVLC Insider’s Circle – a private forum I host for sales and marketing professionals in the IT Technology Industry.

It’s been a great platform.  You can have people inside the meeting for private intimate discussions, but you can also broadcast to thousands without paying a for a thousand seats – kind of like being on TV.  The one drawback is your ability to interact and gather contact info.

WebinarJam changes all of that.  Rather than explaining the whole thing – there’s an excellent video presentation overviewing the system – see the above video…(visit my blog if it won’t play in your email. )

Don’t miss this – it’s not just cool technology. The video they’ve put together is an excellent marketing piece. One we can all learn from.  Consider how you can use video and WebinarJam to attract more prospects without making the drive. Then, once you have some qualification going, feel free to make the drive to pick up a signature.

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Blog QR AdHere it is…the replay link…

I understand some people where not able to join because of technical issues with links and so forth. Hopefully this link will get you in…. 

Also be sure to check out the new Marketing Success Kit which goes along with the webinar and provides a greater level of detail on each point

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lockYesterday we kicked off our three-day online workshop, Making Money w/ Security Day One.  This class continues to grow, and this quarter we have about 30 participants!

Sales Training Is Crucial to Success!

Sales training is crucial if you want to grow sales, and specialized training, not product training, is the key to moving from Vendor to Adviser.  Yesterday’s class is an example of security-focused sales training.  Google Information Security Sales Training, and you’ll see that this type of training is rare.  Google something like Solution Selling and you’ll find that, even though Bosworth wrote the book in 1995, everyone from vacuum sales people to high-involvement technology sellers are taking the same classes from millions of so-called solution selling trainers.

Not that basic sales training isn’t important – it is.  But taking the next level and specializing is what creates differentiation.  Yesterday we covered a number of areas including where the trends are, where the business is, and what is expected to happen around the world with security in 2013.  Security continues to be a hot topic among business leaders worldwide.

We also covered sound bites.  Part of our home work was to discover more recent hard hitting sound bites and evaluate their usefulness as a sales tool. Most security presentations I’ve seen in a sales call contain sound bites – but most of the sales and marketing people I know are using them incorrectly.  They are actually defeating themselves before the competition ever arrives.

Today we’ll cover how to use them.  Using them incorrectly leads to a judgmental, left-brain mindset – one that won’t make a buying decision even when there’s an urgent issue at hand.  Here are come examples of sound bite evaluation…

1.  “China is stealing trade secrets as part of plans to bolster its industry.” Wall Street Journal on April 22,2013.  This is a good sound bite – it’s global in nature, speaks of an ongoing trend, and affects any company that store mission critical information such as intellectual capital and trade secrets.  It also comes from a source that speaks to executives – the Wall Street Journal.  No one is going to question its validity.

2., a site that offers daily coupons on restaurants, spas, and other services, has suffered a security breach that has exposed names, e-mail addresses and password data for up to 50 million of its users.  4/27/13 – Ars Technica Magazine – This one isn’t bad…it’s an identity theft sound bite which in my opinion may be too common – it doesn’t wake up as much as the first one.  The other problem is the reference.  No one reads Ars Technica – at least not the C-Suite as far as I know.

3. “What most organizations do is overreact: they throw all of their efforts into that one incident and are not looking at what they should be looking at,” says David Amsler, president and CIO of Foreground Security. “And worse, they don’t have a playbook [for response]. It’s so haphazard, and that’s where they fall down.”  – This one is good…it speaks to the security strategy and can leveraged to up-sell the bigger picture.  It’s what Cisco would call the architectural sale – an opportunity to look beyond the immediate disaster, and over the entire enterprise to sure up things.  One downside on this one – it’s too long.  If you can’t quickly quote it, you’ll lose your audience.

4. “More than 90 percent of user-generated passwords, even those considered strong by IT departments, are currently susceptible to hacking, according to Deloitte’s analysis.” – I love this one.  It’s quick, quotable, concrete (meaning visual), and from a trusted source…and it affects every organization, federal, commercial, big and small.

If you’ve never attended one of these classes, make sure to stay tuned for our next class which will like fall in August or September 2013.

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On Oct 14, at 1:00 PM EDT,  I will be holding a complementary webinar (Webex)…there is limited seating on this – first come first serve.  The program is meant for those interested in driving security and managed services related business – I will be presenting key concepts from my new book due out next month, From Vendor to Adviser – don’t miss this.  You can sign up right here:


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Here it is… (CLICK)…The play back from my Wednesday, June 8, 2011 Webinar on leveraging the discovery process!  I understand from Cisco that last month’s playback, which is also available through this link, was the most listened to webinar in Cisco history – so check it out!  (In case you missed this – I usually put a red phone with webinar and teleseminar links).

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Join me on June 8th at noon EST – Leveraging the Discovery Process to gain access to decision makers (CLICK to SIGN UP).  I will be building on material presented over the past several months, but you can always go back and review sessions you might have missed.  In this one hour session I will be covering important concepts such as:

1. Types of questions to ask asset owners and executive managers

2. How to avoid getting demoted to IT in the discovery process

3. When and how to engage the IT group in this process

4. What to do with data collected in both

5. How to deliver your findings

6. How to present your findings and recommendations

7. How to turn this process into fee based business and product sales

Don’t miss this!  It’s funded by Cisco and costs you nothing but time…sign up here (CLICK)

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