A New Kind of Data Theft

Punched in the mouth for an iPhone? WSJ reports this morning that mobile device theft is on the rise (Fighting the iCrime Wave)…not just the data, but the entire device.  And not because they left it laying somewhere in the open – these devices are being taken by force! How many of your clients are […]


Unexpected Shutdown!

Imagine your website or Internet access being unexpectedly shut down as a result of a court order!  This morning’s Wall Street Journal has such a report.  The victim here is Stephen Paluck who’s address was apparently discovered by Microsoft in a search for botnet-type activities.  Of course Paluck claims he is not involved in illegal […]

Who wants a $30 Billion contract?

Up to $30 billion in Cyber Security – The US government is right now in the midst of evaluating the state of security across US Internet infrastructure; I don’t expect good news to come out of this.  Budgets aren’t yet established, but it’s going to be in the billions, and numbers like 30 billion are […]