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LocksLast week Ingram Micro’s Physical Security Marketing Group sponsored a webinar going through the House & the Cloud model with particular emphasis on the physical security side.  You can replay this event right here:



Join Me Sept 26th!

When you engage your prospects, are you “Creating Undeniable Justification”, or pitching your products and features?  If your client truly has a need, it’s not hard – if you are trying to sell them something they really don’t need, it’s hard!  Avoid the latter and focus on the real needs…security technology is the first place I go when considering top needs of the companies around us.  In almost every company I meet, there is an undeniable need – and justification can be created.  However, you can’t just tell them, “You have a need.”

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On Sept 26th, Ingram Micro has asked me to present a special presentation on exactly how to provide Undeniable Justification by showing you how you can change your assessment process to address business decision makers and their needs.  The more I work with resellers the more convinced I am that the security business is central to success in network projects, server/storage projects, and especially managed services.  But it can’t look like most of the assessments I am seeing.  In this session I will show you exactly what to do…plan to join me for this 60 minute presentation.  Sign up here:


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Day 2 - Las Vegas

In both sessions I conducted this week, speaking on the power of the discovery process and how to leverage it to expand deal size, I polled the audience on a very important question; “How many of you believe  the decision makers are reading your assessment reports?”  Almost every attendee responded yes to the question – “Are you conducting assessments?”  Only 1 or 2 out of nearly 100 believed decision makers where reading them.

Sadly, a handful of attendees didn’t see this as a problem!  I asked them to relate this deliverable to a prospectus that might be used for investments.  The purpose of conducting an assessment, in most cases, is to find the issues and persuade the company you are working with to take action.  If they don’t take action – you’ve failed.  In other words, if there are indeed, urgent issues discovered, and there almost always are, then when the company fails to take action, they are missing something big.  You, being the one who really understands the issue, must see it as your responsibility to show them why it is so important, and how it should be addressed.  If IT people see it, but those responsible for budget don’t, what good is it?

So why do so many of these documents go unread?  Simply because they are assembled without decision maker involvement, and written without decision makers in mind.  Take a look at the documents you are writing (or which are written by your team) and ask yourself, “Would my business level clients be interested in this, or would they even understand it?”  If the answer is, “No,” some re-engineering is needed.  For those who still don’t see this as important, perhaps a wake up call is needed.

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Here it is – ten minutes of review from my session at the Ingram Micro VTN invitational in Las Vegas – 2011!

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From my Window

Back in Vegas, and looking forward to delivering a session from my new book, From Vendor to Adviser – which will focus on meeting executives and business owners using the discovery process, and moving from pure vending to truly advising…Hosted by Ingram Micro at the Aria this year.  Don’t miss it!

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Listen in as Randy Sklar, president of Sklar Technology Partners and recent present of his regional VTN chapter interviews me – this clip was made specifically as a follow up to a very successful, decision maker level, educational seminar.  The event received strong sponsorship from companies such as Zenith Infotech – one of the only managed services companies I know of that financially supports this type of event.

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