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Tina, my seven children, Jack the dog, and I all wish you a happy new year.  I’ve become famous in my home for reminding everyone that, as we start the new year, we are all back to zero – unless you’ve taken the time to build various forms of recurring revenue!  Regardless, it’s time to pull out your plan for 2009 – the one you were hopefully working on through the month of December.  For those of you who did not…all is not lost.  This morning’s Podcast post starts a three part series on planning – a simple format to walk you through three short 15 minute sessions to plan your year.  Make sure you have something in writing – while laborious details are not so critical, concrete vision, goals, and plans are.  You won’t need weeks of work on this, but you do need some time to think through last year, last quarter, recent news, trends, and futures for 2009.  Since you are going to spend the entire year working, you might as well start with a realistic plan in place.

Vision Development

November 18, 2008 — Leave a comment

I was working with a solution provider this week on establishing a base of recurring revenue.  Taking an existing client who spends $16,000/year on break-fix work, the reseller owner was able to turn this into a $2500/month recurring.  How did he do it?  The tendency is to look at what the client is spending and sell ROI – that means charging less than they paid over the past year and making up for it through efficiencies.  This strategy also begins a six month study on the part of the client to figure out how much they did spend and whether or not they got their money’s worth.

 Nickel and diming the client never works…you’ll always come up short.  Look at the value you provide, what its worth to the client, and where they stand to take big losses in the future.  Proactive service is always better than ROI; it’s a risk mitigation sale, not ROI. 

Over the next month I am scheduling Vision Development WorkshopsTM – I have only a few dates left.  It’s $6500, 1.5 days of solid strategy.  We will focus on the tactics of getting your business moving forward, generating new business, creating recurring revenue and financial stability, marketing strategy, and organizational optimization.  It’s a war-room type meeting so it requires all participants to be local. 

If you can’t fit it in or can’t quite afford this program I recommend signing up for the Podcast series – these are pragmatic ideas that will help align your business strategy with profit and provide you with ideas and skills you can apply immediately.