Blowing the Big Meeting – Here’s How.

How will you get to the right people?  This is the question every sales person should be asking and it seems to be the focus of just about every sales training program or methodology.  Several years ago I had been working to get a meeting with a large healthcare organization in the southeast.  Our team […]


The Managed Services Strategy

Today we completed another strategy workshop specifically on building the managed services offering.  Few comments should be noted for those of you still working on making this a success: 1. The value you bring to the client has less to do with the technology used in the back end, and more to do with understanding […]

Throughts on Proposing Solutions

Proposals don’t sell solutions – they state what’s already been agreed to. Don’t use your proposal to state your value proposition. When you change your selling process based on a company’s protocol for bidding, you turn your value proposition into a commodity. It was your proclaimed ability to create differentiation that got you in your […]

Whitley’s Eskimo Campaign

I just received a creative postcard in the mail – I thought I’d share it with those of you who are out selling.  Bill Whitley, a good friend and colleague sends me a card picturing an Eskimo with the frequently seen red circle and slash – NO ICE FOR ESKIMOS…it’s part of his campaign to […]