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The thieves go back to social engineering….if you work with financial institutions or small business owners you should be up to date on some of the recent social engineering attacks made against financial planners.  You can read more details in the recent USAToday article – Cybercrooks fool financial advisers to steal from clients.

Sound Bites:

1. Criminals are using e-mail to con financial advisers into wiring cash out of their clients’ online investment accounts – this money is then  transferred to an account controlled by the crook.

2. The victims are found and profiled using social media.  Since “investors now routinely rely on e-mail to authorize personal advisers to execute financial transactions”, this scam is pretty easy to pull off – many of your clients still don’t believe email is insecure.

3. “Instead of managing layers of malicious software, all the bad guys need is e-mail and phone skills.”

4. “This new scam is the latest strain of a long-running crime wave that preys mainly on small and midsize organizations.”

What to do with this information:

This kind of information makes for a great briefing – providing helpful, current security information to small business owners is just one more reason to talk.  You might also be planning an event in the fall (you should start, if you were not planning to), this would be one more reason to have them attend.  To learn this and more about how to keep their data and personal assets safe.



Piggyback Ploy

April 9, 2012 — 1 Comment

“…The stealing of another person’s paid Internet access by tapping into their home router or cable modem. When someone uses your Internet connection for illegal activity, it could leave you as the unwitting target of a police investigation.” This is a quote from today’s USAToday article, Internet thieves piggyback on legitimate users.

For those calling on the SMB space, the above quote should include small business routers as well – and of course, small businesses running out of a person’s home, something I am seeing more and more as small companies operate without brick and mortar offices.  Like spam, the average business owner is under the impression we are fighting a bandwidth hog or time waster, but the real risk is in the phrase, police investigation!  They don’t mention it here, but the fastest growing business on the net today is kiddy porn – so the above quote should read, …by tapping into home or small business routers…uses your Internet connection for illegal activity, such as the resale and distribution of kiddy porn.  And it won’t be the police knocking, it will be the FBI, knocking and confiscating all of your business computers while this mess gets sorted out.  In the mean time, your family members and close friends will be wondering who is telling the truth.  Try explaining this to your spouse…Talk about urgent – this is urgent.

Today is Day 1 of the Making Money with Security class – if you’re not signed up, I have three seats open – over the next three days we’ll be taking a look at exactly how to find the right prospects, how to gain their permission to uncover opportunities, and how to create justification – without introducing competition.  This almost always leads to larger remediation projects as well as managed services contracts.

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