History of the Reseller

If you are reselling technology your business may be headed for trouble.  Don’t expect an economic recovery without taking steps to change your approach to the market…find out why in this video.  In this video I speak candidly to small and mid-sized resellers about market trends and what factors play into future growth and stability.  […]

Security issues in 2010 – what should we expect?

Who knows?  Predicting technology trends is like trying to figure out the economy…however SC magazine tends to publish some of the better commentary on these types of things since it is their only focus.  Here’s what they say (Summarized into one short blog entry): Social networking threats: This is the big target – everyone is […]

What’s in store for 2010?

Growing up, on New Years Day, my father would always say, we’re starting at zero today.  In other words, last year’s revenue doesn’t matter, what matters is, how will our business do in 2010.  It’s often said, dwelling on past success sometimes leads to future failure.  However, if you’ve taken some of the advice I’ve […]

Notes from Yesterday’s Teleseminar: 5 Things that will Kill your Managed Services Program, and what to do about it.

First, don’t miss today’s podcast at http://dstelzl.podbean.com/ – critical information on justification you need to provide before your projects can be approved.  This applies well to the topic of managed services and how you should go about creating the ongoing justification needed to maintain long term managed agreements.  A couple of key points made in […]

Considerations for 2009 Profitability

My business planning podcast will post on Friday – regardless of whether you listen to it or not, you do need a plan.  You are sure to be inundated over the next two to three months with economic woes and tips to keep your business running.  Some will be worth reading; others will just spur […]