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expenseHere’s A Great Way To Save Time!

Track Expenses Online and Create an Easy to Use Report with Expensify

I  travel all the time.  Once again, I am sure to make Marriott Platinum this year. So how do I keep up with all of the receipts and expense reports?

This is a little off topic from most of my blog posts, but an amazing number of sales people that come through my training and coaching programs are held back by one of two problems. The most pressing problem is getting the attention of new prospects. That’s a topic I write often about. The other is time.  Having enough time to sell when there are so many emails, reports, meetings, etc. is a challenge.

Save Time On Expenses

Expensify! is a great little tool. Just about all of my expenses are reimburseable. But of course my clients need receipts in order to reimburse me. Here’s how it works…

  1. First, go to Expensify online and set up your account.
  2. Once set, download the App.  This allows you to do just about everything from your phone.
  3. Either on your phone or online, you can then create a new report.  Give it a name such as one of your clients or an upcoming trip.  Whenever I set up a speaking or training event, I create a new report for that event.
  4. Then, as I purchase airline tickets, rent cars, or set a meal per diem, I can either forward the receipt (to an email they provide,) such as a hotel bill, or create a manual expense, such as the per diem. If there’s a hard copy receipt you can just snap a photo right from the app and it will scan it for the relevant information.  Be sure to go back and make sure the software read the amounts correctly, and make any changes.  I find this is often necessary, but it’s quick and easy to do.
  5. You can email the report with attached receipts from there. But I am usually invoicing my client for expenses, so I download the PDF version and attach it to a Quickbooks email invoice.  Done!  And Now I have a record of everything in one place in case they client needs me to resend it.

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Coming from Charlotte, it’s rare that I fly anything other than USAirways (the only airline based here), but this week I had a chance to experience the new Continental/United airlines.  Several things impressed me….and one disappointment.

  • First, the disappointment.  Any airline that flies commuter jets on a three hour leg, really should consider changing the seats.  Something about these older commuter airlines – I’m not sure who designs these seats, but there ought to be a requirement that the airline try them before buying them.

Now for the upside…United Airlines

  • They actually served a complementary hot meal!
  • More leg room, even in the cheap seats.
  • Having the Gold Star/Elite line (nothing new here) is better than the the USAirways line where everyone crowds into the same line regardless of their zone.
  • Flight attendants were helpful and friendly.
  • In flight entertainment – USAirways ripped all of their stuff out! (There is a charge for this, but at least it’s there)
  • A promise from their CEO to upgrade the seats.

I think companies under estimate the customer experience, especially those companies in the transportation business. When was the last time a train attendant made you feel welcome or treated you like they were honored to have your business.  Buses, airlines, etc.  This is simply a culture these companies have built – they have allowed the people working these customer facing jobs to see this as, just a job, and not an event.  When you pay several hundred dollars for something that lasts a couple of hours, it should be a great experience!  I should want the trip to last longer, and look forward to the next one.  Why not?

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Singapore – Day 6

September 10, 2010 — Leave a comment

It’s a 7 1/2 hour flight on the Airbus 380-800 pictured in yesterday’s post – traveling at 80% of the speed of sound (which is just shy of 800 mph).  As expected, the service was excellent, great food, but not a lot of rest.  Given it’s the weekend I have some downtime to look around and am looking forward to adding photos to my growing Picassa album tomorrow.

The Lo family, a connection my daughter made last year through a home school retreat in the states, hosted me for dinner, treating me to local favorites at a nearby church fellowship in the evening.  It’s not often that I have opportunity to interact with families abroad, so I made the most of it, trying different cuisines from areas surrounding Singapore.  Laksa is a favorite local dish here (pictured to the left).  It’s made with chicken, thick noodles, coconut milk, an egg, local vegetables, and a bunch of seasonings. The small lime on the side of the dish then is squeezed over the noodles just before eating.  I was expecting to be served with chop sticks, but they graciously handed me a fork.  Meeting various families and touring the grounds made this evening exceptional.  I was surprised to learn that their 82 year old pastor and his wife are from the Savannah Georgia area, not far from my home town.  Tomorrow the Lo’s have planned a sight-seeing trip where I hope to capture numerous photos and sample mooncakes (an important part of the Mid-Autumn Festival here in Singapore)!