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gkic-info-2016The Secret to Picking Up Tons of Leads at An Event

Do You Really Think Prospects Enter Your Card Info Into Their “Contacts Database” When They Return From Trade Shows and Sales Events? Stop Kidding Yourself.

I just returned from a week long marketing workshop in San Antonio.  1000 business owners all gathered together with one goal. Get more prospects.

As you can imagine, there were lots of vendors. People trying to sell us everything you can imagine to automate our marketing systems.  CRMs, funnel software, planning software, consulting services…the list goes on.

Through the week I made lots of connections. I made connections with people running the event, peers, peers who are way ahead of me and who might be able to provide some insight, and vendors (both good and bad).  But this morning as I sit down to sift through my bag of information, cards, and notes (and lots of dirty laundry), it’s hard to know where to start.

The worst part of it is, there’s also 100s of email to follow up on after being out of the office or so long. I find myself thrashing…but I have wisely carved out the morning to focus on reviewing my notes, with my email application closed!

What Will I do With All of These Cards?

So, to start, I have all of these cards. Last night as I was drifting off to sleep I remembered that the last speaker had promised he would send me his slides when I filled out his landing page. I filled it out, but did not get the slides. Funny how that one guy kept me awake thinking about it, until I finally got up and wrote myself a note.

Then, this morning first thing…before running or breakfast, or anything, I found him on LinkedIn and requested the slides. I couldn’t wait!

Here’s the thing. I have a pile of cards in front of me, but I don’t really remember anyone…there just cards. Will I enter them into my CRM? Probably not. They’re meaningless at this point. But the guy who spoke yesterday, his session was so compelling, I followed up with him!

How many IT directors, CIOs, or Business Owners do you think will actually take time to enter your contact info into their system when they get home with a pile like I have? Probably none of them.

Stop Handing Out Cards

The speaker has an advantage, but not all of the speakers did their job. Two of them gave me a text number right in their presentation – right at the height of their talk, to Opt-In.  I responded both times!  If you’re speaking…think about conversion using something other than a card.

What if you’re not speaking?  You need an offer they can’t resist. Something no one else has.  In my last event I gave everyone a 3 by 5 card with an offer to get my book for $1.  That’s my new business card for events. No sense in handing them a card that looks like every other card. Instead, use a larger card that offers them something so compelling, it’s at the top of their list when they get home.  And make sure you hand it to them…if it goes in a bag of stuff, they may never find it…

© 2016, David Stelzl



secureworldSecureWorld – Charlotte is Next Week

What’s Your Conversion Strategy?

Whether its a sales call coming up, trade show, lunch & learn, or channel summit you’re attending – do you have a conversion strategy? Most people, when they book a trade show, or set up a lunch & learn mark it on the calendar and wait for it to happen. This is poor planning. Speakers do the same thing. Book a gig, write it on the calendar, and then go about their other business. $1 HC Book Ad

Conversion Strategy should be top of mind.  Whatever your next social interaction is, get a conversion plan in place. Yesterday, on a coaching call, I asked a sales rep about his upcoming lunch & learn…”If I were a CIO attending, what would our next step be? What’s the conversion strategy?” His answer was the norm – not sure.  This is typical because we don’t naturally think about conversion.  Perhaps is sounds too salesy. But it’s important.

Two weeks ago I was attending Check Point’s Sales Kick Off.  As soon as I locked in the trip, I was meeting with my team to put a conversion in place. With limited time, and knowing how busy everyone would be at the show, we created a very simple plan.

New Business Cards!

That’s right, we decided to create extra large business cards (About 3 by 5) with my contact info and a $1 book offer for The House & The Cloud. Knowing everyone would be handing out standard business cards, I wanted something that would stand out with a direct marketing offer on it.

Did it work?  It did….I got people’s attention. People laughed when I pulled out my giant business card, but I also connected with people that might otherwise have tossed my card in a pile of trade show materials after the event.

Next week I will be speaking at the Charlotte SecureWorld Conference…I have just one week to put my strategy in place…showing up without one would be a huge mistake.

Copyright 2016, David Stelzl

PS, If you missed getting my card at the Check Point Event, try clicking on the HOUSE & CLOUD ad above…


Trashing Business Cards

March 8, 2012 — 2 Comments

What do you do with the business cards you collect?  I throw mine right in the trash; well, first I enter them into, and then I toss them.  In my sales training workshops I often ask the attendees how many people keep their cards. It’s amazing how many do.  I think they are seen as some sort of trophy.  Despite the electronic filing systems, iPhone card scanners, and Vcard technology, people like hard-copy cards.

If you’re like most, you bring home a stack from each event or trade show, sit them on your desk by the phone, and when there’s nothing else to do, you flip through them, like a stack of prized baseball cards, dreaming about business opportunity.  Deep down, you admit to yourself that these people won’t remember you if you call them right now.  They probably threw your card in the trash when they returned from the meeting.  But these cards represent opportunity, and the higher up these people are, the more prized these cards become.  The question is, what will you do with them, to turn them into business?

© 2012, David Stelzl