Without Constant Activity, Sales Go Down

There’s a common fault among many who sell…it goes like this: Several opportunities look good, and so you start focusing on them, and counting on them, no longer prospecting very much.  It’s like you’ve somehow come over the hump and things look good, so you let up some.  Then the truth kicks in.  Not all […]

Back to School

It’s time to get back to school…that means our kids are back on a busy, productive schedule, with goals and timelines.  But before that can happen, my wife and I sit down to evaluate where we are and figure out where we are going.  Soon activities, holidays, and school work will crowd our days, and […]

One Way Contract

I recently read a telling article in Harvard review.  The author rightly points out that while the airlines are working hard to build loyalty through the point system, you don’t actually get anything for your business; save an exit row. That is unless you’ve managed to reach the very top of the pyramid.  Today was […]

On Time

Be on time…I just returned from an event in Orlando, meeting with business owners of SMB and mid market focused solution providers in the software space.  My trip went great until it was time to catch the shuttle back to the airport on Friday afternoon.  I had purchased a round-trip ticket using the Mears shuttle […]


Thrashing is the term used to describe a degenerate situation on a computer where increasing resources are used to do a decreasing amount of work. In this situation the system is said to be thrashing. Usually it refers to two or more processes accessing a shared resource repeatedly such that serious system performance degradation occurs […]