Merry Christmas – 2014

The New House & the Cloud – Ready For Christmas! It’s an exciting time of the year!  I love Christmas – the decorations, music, special times with family and friends…and the annual SVLC anniversary.  LinkedIn thinks our anniversary is earlier in the year, but our official start date was December 17th, 2003.  This year we […]

The Next House & the Cloud

The New House & the Cloud – Completely Revised, Full of New Strategies, And Updated To Address New Technologies – Cloud, BYOD, Mobility, Collaboration, and Social Business. It’s been a long time coming – I had hoped to have this out in the late summer.  But it’s finally done, and with the publisher.  Here’s what […]

Malware is Going Undetected…

We are just a week away from the first 2013 Making Money w/ Security (Virtual) Workshop!  And as I travel through the mid-west this week, I am gathering updated sound bites and trends for our workshop.  Looking forward to 2013, I expect to see continued growth in this market (providing security services and managed services).  […]

Ingram Micro Webinar Replay: Undeniable Justification

Thanks again to Ingram Micro for their sponsorship and help in setting up this week’s webinar on Creating Undeniable Justification through the Security Assessment Process.  This material comes at a time when companies across the board are failing to take the necessary steps to secure their sensitive data – make sure your clients understand the […]

Coming Opportunities

This week I am out traveling the midwest – it’s 100 degrees and climbing,…meanwhile I am taking every moment I can in the evenings to work on several great business opportunities….here’s a peek. 1. My Making Money w/ Security Class has been revamped to include more managed services selling as well as the great security […]

I’ve Finally Made it To Kindle

No, I didn’t buy they Kindle, but people have been asking me to put The House & the Cloud and From Vendor to Adviser on Kindle for while now – so, I did!  If you have a hard copy of The House & the Cloud, don’t be fooled by the black cover.  It’s a new […]