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Digital Money

June 2, 2016 — Leave a comment

bitcoinAre You Following Cyber Currency Trends?

Not only is money becoming more digital – data is becoming more valuable. This is the topic of my new book, Digital Money, due out this summer! 

If you’ve wondered why my blog has been inconsistent this quarter – it’s because I’m heads down at my local Starbucks, writing this book. Fintech, bitcoin, data mining,…their all hot topics. In fact several organizations including banking associations and a recent CPA association have asked me to speak at their fall conferences this year – so the book has to be ready.

This is good news if you’re selling security or MSSP services. Why? Because people want more information.  As Matthew Dixon writes in his most recent book, The Challenger Customer, stop selling your product, and start helping people navigate through their real needs.  Help them come to consensus internally on how to solve their problems, and you’ll be the one helping them implement the solution.

It starts with the value of their data, followed by a discovery of just how vulnerable they are to – Operator error, ransomware, hackers, nation state attacks, and other threats against application availability and data theft or misuse.

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Russian Hackers Steal 1.2 Billion IDs

This is a Big Hack…Something to Create a Briefing From

Have you read The Challenger Sale yet?

Everyone is talking about this book – sales organizations see the wisdom in what Matthew Dixon is saying…in case you’re not familiar with it – education or an educational message with unexpected revelations is central to the successful sales call.

What’s missing from the book are the topics that work – that’s because the Challenger Sale’s model is a generic sales book. If you look back at The House & the Cloud, a book I published in 2007, you’ll see a clear picture of what the Challenger sales process would look like if you were going after technology sales…

What does this have to do with the Russian Hack?

According to the New York Times Article – “A gang of Russian hackers appears to have amassed a stockpile 1.2 billion usernames and passwords as its members roamed the Internet targeting online users, according to a new report from a private security company.”

As the video indicates (see above), it’s funny we have not heard much from the Government – NSA, or FBI on this. Rather we have this little report from Hold in Wisconsin.

Watch the video…I’ll keep tabs on this and provide some updates.

But here’s the point – This is the type of news you want to create your briefings from.  If you’re planning on doing a lunch & learn type event in the fall, now is the time to be setting up your invitations, and this is the type of headline you’re looking for. If you are just going out on prospecting calls, the same is true. You can follow the old Solution Selling model and ask everyone what is keeping them up at night, or you can come in with something a little more interesting.

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