Turning Prospects into MSSP Customers – David Stelzl / Aegify

David Stelzl Presents with Aegify – Risk & Compliance Solutions / MSSP In case you missed it – yesterday Aegify sponsored a one hour workshop for resellers…as the managed services market continues to commoditize, it is more important than ever to be building more security into your managed offerings.  The MSSP is a critical step […]


Wasting Time Cold Calling

What’s Your Conversion on Cold Calling Prospects? Ask your peers – the successful sales people are probably farming accounts they’ve had for years.  Others have a different strategy. No one wants to hear from a sales person they don’t know. I’ve had several coaching calls this week with sales people who are either new with […]

Are Your Clients Ready for The Digitized Megatrend?

What Is the Digitized Megatrend All About Your Clients are going digital. We all are. And it’s happening fast. Obviously we all use computers and smartphones. That’s not what I mean. I’m talking about a Megatrend. A complete paradigm shift in the way we think about business. Think cloud, appstore, smartphones, and Internet of Things (IoT). […]

The Most Incredible Value Proposition

What’s your value proposition? How many times have you been asked, “What do you do?” It’s a simple question. But the answer may prove more complex than you imagine.  Following is a excerpt from my House & the Cloud Update, where I eventually answer this important question.   Consider the following scenario: You’re attending an association meeting, […]

Following up…Your Next Marketing Event

What happens when you do an event, offer a complementary assessment, and then the opportunity goes silent?  This happens sometimes. (By the way, if you’ve not done events where lots of people are committing to a next step, join me next week for Making Money w/ Security and I will show you exactly how to […]