What IT Wants

What does IT want?  A vacation…  Here are ten other possible answers: 1. Higher pay 2. A better chair 3. A new laptop – probably a MacBook Pro 4. Add to it a new Ipad for personal use 5. Education – on technology, to improve the resume 6. Recognition 7. A promotion 8. Better stuff […]

Speak the C-Language

In a coaching call I had yesterday I was asked,”How do we communicate more effectively with business owners and executives?  We’re constantly being sent back down to IT.”  This is a common question and one worth commenting on.  Language has a lot to do with it… (I know, it’s the second gun picture this month…and […]

The Final Episode on Business Planning

Well, I’m glad I wasn’t traveling from NY to Charlotte yesterday, a flight I’ve taken often!  In case you missed the water landing, check out Wall Street.  On to business, today’s podcast brings us to the third and final discussion on business planning  – click the link to find out more.  Make sure you have […]