Moving From Vendor to Adviser in 2014

I’ve just announced my first training workshop for 2014 Moving From Vendor to Adviser… This training is specifically designed for those selling high-tech solutions. I don’t train people to sell vacuums, encyclopedia sets, or used cars. Most sales training programs are generic – they are taught by people who have read some guy’s book, studied […]

Marketing Your Managed Services in 2014!

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! It’s just about 2014…and I’ve been working hard this month to put together some new things for the coming year. One of the most exciting things I’ve completed is my Completely re-engineered Marketing Success Kit, specifically designed to help you land new business in the managed services, security, and […]

Merry Christmas – and Our 10th Year Anniversary!

Looking Back on 10 Years… Christmas is right around the corner – and yesterday was the 10th Anniversary of Stelzl Visionary Learning Concepts… It was just about 11 years ago that my wife encouraged me to seriously consider leaving Dimension Data to start my own business – doing something new. At the time I was […]

Ingram Micro Webinar Replay: Undeniable Justification

Thanks again to Ingram Micro for their sponsorship and help in setting up this week’s webinar on Creating Undeniable Justification through the Security Assessment Process.  This material comes at a time when companies across the board are failing to take the necessary steps to secure their sensitive data – make sure your clients understand the […]

Coming Opportunities

This week I am out traveling the midwest – it’s 100 degrees and climbing,…meanwhile I am taking every moment I can in the evenings to work on several great business opportunities….here’s a peek. 1. My Making Money w/ Security Class has been revamped to include more managed services selling as well as the great security […]

Conversion Rates

What is a conversion rate?  It’s the percentage of attendees or prospects involved in an event that choose to buy as a result of the event.  It should be the focus of every event; sadly, most are leaving thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of dollars behind as they engage in demand […]

Branding – What Makes You Memorable?

Is your brand memorable? Some have tried to brand by offering lower prices, others with great customer satisfaction, or by building great relationships with their clients.  I see companies touting great people, certifications, or their status as a reseller of some product.  “We are gold partners”, or “Platinum and security certified!”  But these things don’t […]

How Long Does It Take You To Write A Proposal?

It takes me about five minutes to write most of my proposals.  Whether my fee is $200 or $100,000 dollars for the project in question, the proposal looks the same and communicates the same information. The difference in fee has to do with the value I am proposing, not the format of my proposal. © […]

Before You Write Your Next Proposal, Consider…

One issue that repeatedly comes up in sales coaching sessions is how to write an effective proposal.  A few comments before you write anything… … you should be clear about what a proposal is.  Marketing groups and managers have done a disservice to their sales team by creating mammoth documents, unreadable terms and conditions, and […]