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appleApple Does Not Have to Decrypt the Phone After All – This is a Historical Moment.

But Once Again, No Technology Is Really Secure…The FBI Has Managed to Break Through Apples iPhone Security.

Did you doubt they could? Did you think the iPhone could really stand up to this?  If you did, you need to know more about security. Good security means fast detection and real-time response.  The front door can always be broken into.

Security is a funny thing. If Apple had given in, case law would have been established. Any future crime could have forced the developer to change the code, create a backdoor, or make things less secure. I know there are many people saying this isn’t true, but most of them can’t claim any security expertise.  As a CISSP, I’m stating my opinion.  I haven’t met one serious security expert who disagrees with me – although I’m sure there are some.

On the other hand, security can always be broken into…that’s why there’s a huge opportunity for every technology company right now.  If you take on security there’s new business out there. We have a problem. If the FBI gained access (or some of their third party contractors), the bad guys can do it too.

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IMG_2104Ransomware, ID Theft, Hidden Attacks…

This is the time to be investing in security services.

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marriottThe Security Opportunity In Chicago

Last night, thanks to Check Point and Tech Data for their sponsorship,  I presented some of the most important information for a reseller’s future success…adding security to the MSP program.

The response was clear – MSP business is a commodity, if you don’t have something more than, cost reduction or greater efficiency as your value proposition. I spoke with one sales manager after the program – his company is fairly new in security, but their initial reaction from their customers and prospects makes it clear that this move is necessary. If you want to grow your business, start with security – everyone needs it, it’s urgent, and it creates a long term value proposition as you move your clients to manage their risk.$1 HC Book Ad

Check Point followed my presentation with a compelling message – the need to add the detection elements at the perimeter, but also on all end-nodes; especially tablets and phones.  David Wheeler,  the local SE for Check Point, demonstrated a simple hack on his phone, which then recorded everything he said for the next five minutes. There was no indication the phone had been hacked. In fact, the screen was dark – it was just sitting on the podium. He then launched an app from his laptop which replayed his comments. Not only that, it gave us all kinds of information gathered from the phone including personal details you would not want broadcasted to the world! What if this were a financial review meeting or strategy session in one of your client’s conference rooms?

Several people left with plans to get more involved in security – a great first step would be setting up your next lunch & learn to educate your clients and prospects on these trends. My book, The House & The Cloud provides the talk-tracks you need to take your client through the Impact vs. Likelihood risk discussion, The House & Cloud message to show them they are at risk, and an assessment process (on page 194) that will build the undeniable justification you need to move forward into remediation projects, product sales, and longterm managed security contracts.

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After attending and speaking at dozens of channel partner meetings and hundreds of reseller workshops I’ve had opportunity to interview and speak with many business owners and sales people on the topic of value – just how much value is there in attending these events.  Listen to what I’ve learned about channels, resellers, distributors, and vendors…


What happens when the people in charge don’t get it?  The value solution providers (VARs, Resellers, Consultants, etc.) bring to their clients has more to do with the business advantage they bring and less to do with the features…yet I am hearing the disturbing message this is being sacrificed in the name of budget constraints.  Here is what I am hearing from the field:

1. When distributors bring together their clients (generally mid market and SMB resellers), the attendees need to hear from industry experts, receive business building strategies, and be challenged by new ideas.  Thousands will be spent on the travel, accommodations, and food, not to mention opportunity cost.  Why would those in charge allow free speakers from the manufacturer to dominate these sessions with product information?  It’s all available online and it’s all commodity stuff…I’ve heard numerous comments this year along the lines of, “waste of time.”

2. When “Vendor” sponsored training is forced on the reseller (forced may be a strong word – but this is the way I receive the message from resellers I work with), why is it so product centric with “speeds and feeds”, when what is needed is a message that resonates with senior managers, negotiation skills, and marketing insight.  It’s rare to find people making these decisions who understand the reseller business, financial model, and competitive pressures, so bring in someone who knows.

3. I recently learned of a major reseller who went through several days of sales training with HP specifically on building their message. After attending my Mastering Board Room Presentations (where we were going to focus on delivering  their new message) they told me, “Our message stinks.”

4. When marketing dollars are available (which they always are if you sell enough product), why do the people managing these budgets insist that it be spent on golf outings, call blitzes, and product specials?  These programs are proven failures…I’m told by sales people and VAR business owners, “We’d gladly sacrifice the outings for outstanding content and training.”

5. “Stop telling me there’s no money available.  Instead, give me the criteria for getting the money I see others getting.”  It’s no secret, money is being spent on marketing and  training…if it’s not, the channel is dead. But who will get it and who dictates who it will be spent?  The criteria needs to be clear, and the reseller’s choice of partners should take this into consideration.  There’s no sense in trying to build this business alone – channel partners are needed, great channel managers are needed, and resllers who think they can build a business without the product are wrong.  When synergy exists between the two, a winning combination is formed.  But this requires an understanding of how to invest and partner in a way that produces profit.

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