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SymantecAre You Selling Norton Security Products?

Symantec used to be one of the top security software companies in the world. They might still boast some big numbers and well know clients, but this week’s report is one more major blow to what was once regarded as a top player.

One headline I saw reads, “If you use a Symantec or Norton product, now would be a good time to update.” And they’re not talking about upgrading to the next rev. They’re recommending you move to another brand.

Another headline reads, “High-severity bugs in 25 Symantec/Norton products imperil millions.” Yikes.

Symantec software contains vulnerabilities that potentially expose both small businesses and large enterprise, “to self-replicating attacks that take complete control of …your computers,” according to an article linked to yesterday’s WSJ CIO Section.

News like this has the capacity to take a company down. You might want to rethink which security products you are recommending.

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DemandGenLogoWhat Happened to the Biggest Attack In History?

Last Thursday I was wondering where the FBI and NSA are; today I’m wondering where CNN and WSJ are.  Googling this attack today, I found just a couple of posts; none from any major news networks.  Does that mean it’s all resolved, or not real, or what?

On Friday WSJ mentioned that this might be overstated or old news all rolled up into one number.  But surely a small security Boutique in Wisconsin (Hold) doesn’t own this whole issue.

On August 5th, Symantec featured a blog post stating, “The New York Times has reported the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials by a Russian crime ring. These hackers reportedly amassed 1.2 billion username and password combinations, and more than 500 million email addresses from 420,000 websites through botnets (computers that have been infected with and controlled by a computer virus). The sites ranged from small sites to larger household names. Many of the targeted sites are still vulnerable.”

This is the last post they show, so perhaps they don’t know any more either.  Does that mean you can’t use the sound bites from this on your next sales call? No. Until we know more, it’s safe to assume that this type of thing is certainly possible, and that companies are in much bigger trouble than they realize. And it’s still a sound bite supported by credible news sources.  Just understand, if you get challenged by IT, that the news is somewhat sketchy.

Here’s a great sound bite from the above link: “Roughly 39% (2.76B) of the world’s population of 7.1 billion uses the Internet.” and 1.2 billion were compromised in some way according to the New York Times report.

Remember, sound bites don’t sell anything…however they are a critical part of the sales process. You can read more about this in the free version of The House & the Cloud << Download it here! 

Also, I will be talking more about this in a complementary sales training program being presented on August 12th – 4:00 PM ET.  It’s free to technology resellers – but you must register to attend.  << Click to register!

Hopefully we’ll get some clarification on this attack over the next few days – After just about every major news network reported on this global disaster, they should be responsible and follow up with either – more info, or “We jumped the gun – false alarm.

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Happy New Year!  2012 is just starting, and promises to be another great year for those providing security solutions.  In fact, I am kicking off the new year with a workshop on selling security – Making Money with Security.  We have a great group, so if you are not signed up, you should be – here is the link (below).  Either way, this is a powerful video to send out to business people who don’t really understand what they are up against.  With the growth in mobile and home workers, this type of attack (illustrated on the video) is easy money for any hacker targeting the average end-user, especially on home computers not controlled by corporate security policies.

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Heading home from New York this afternoon after a great two day trip.  I spent day one working with sales people on effectively presenting security strategies to their clients in a series of one-on-one meetings.  Day two, I was invited by Symantec and one of their top partners, to speak to a group of executives over lunch at Jack’s Steakhouse.  A couple of things that make this particular time in history interesting….

If you’re not up to date on Stuxnet and how malware evolved to a new level over the past 18 months, you need to be.  It’s rare that I read Vanity Fair, but this a linked article is worth a read to catch up on over a year of analysis and developments – cyberwar is finally a reality!  But just as important – this kind of technology poses an entirely new level of threat to your clients.  (Read it!)

Secondly – while Wikileaks and the fiasco involving Pvt. Mannings is not new news, the implications are significant.  Reading through the developments between the Anonymous group, Mastercard, Paypal, and Amazon demonstrate that groups like this do have the power to affect large corporate networks at will.  Add Gawker in there and you see that stealing the account database and decrypting it is not that difficult when dealing with real hackers.

Most of my audience didn’t know our power girds, airforce traffic control, and F-35 databases have been hacked over the past year.  Why?  These are important events that demand companies take action and start thinking seriously about securing data.  This is not a simple task…learn to articulate this and you may find yourself advising these firms at the highest levels.

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The most effective marketing programs leverage video and events….in this event we had over 75 attendees, many involved in key decision making roles with a common goal to keep their businesses running and profitable.  At the start of the event, just like in most sales calls, most of these people felt like they had their IT infrastructure under control. By using effective messaging, real world examples, and compelling customer attraction stories, this audience’s response was clear – they wanted to take another look!  Education around compelling events produces the opportunity to help people…by putting it in video form, the sponsoring solution provider can use this video to attract new prospects!  Sponsors included Sonicwall, Symantec, Microsoft, Cisco, and others.

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