The Movie-Star Experience

Growing up, I thought like many young boys, that being a movie star meant they actually experienced what we see in movies.  In case you still think that, it’s far from true.  On my recent trip to Australia, I had another opportunity to watch a motion picture in the making.  If you’ve never done this, […]

Life in the Balance

Despite a multitude of information on success, time management, and customer satisfaction; performance goes down the drain when life is out of balance.  Issues with marriage, kids, finances, and health quickly consume us when the balance of work and home is out of balance.  Four issues I’ve identified above, mainly: Health Marriage Children Finances are […]

You actually did it!

Last Saturday I attended our quarterly National Speakers Association Meeting.  While there, I had the pleasure of running into the person who originally directed me to this association seven years ago – the year I started this business.  It’s been seven years since I’ve since this person, so I was grateful to see him and […]

A different kind of conference

Most weeks I am attending a sales conference, partner summit, or training event for high-tech sales people…this week I am with 300 fathers working on establishing a successful home – today is day two.  A couple of key points from last night’s kick off.  First, if you are a father (or a mother), you can’t […]