Why Discovering Your Client Doesn’t Have Anti-Virus Software Isn’t Critical

Why Urgent Issues On Your Security Assessment Report Don’t Sell The Next Step Have you ever wondered why the client doesn’t jump on the chance to implement your recommendations when you complete an assessment? One of the most frustrating things in the security business happens when you complete an assessment. It seems like at least […]


This is NOT Consultative Selling…

Selling installation services along with your product is not consultative.  Neither is training, RFP responses, fulfilling orders, or selling to those who already know what they need.  Most of these things are sold on price alone.  There may be a hint of existing customer loyalty, but in today’s economy, don’t expect that to last.  If […]

What’s in store for 2010?

Growing up, on New Years Day, my father would always say, we’re starting at zero today.  In other words, last year’s revenue doesn’t matter, what matters is, how will our business do in 2010.  It’s often said, dwelling on past success sometimes leads to future failure.  However, if you’ve taken some of the advice I’ve […]

Black Friday

Everyone’s watching the numbers, predictions continue to say the recovery is on, and shoppers did spend over 4 million this past weekend…however, don’t be fooled.  No one knows what the economy looks like in the coming year, and shopper’s spending has nothing to do with a consulting company’s success in 2010.  In past years, you […]

Profit Program Workshop Reflections

Having just completed another Profit Program Workshop in the mid-atlantic – some thoughts… Market Strategy – what is it you are marketing?  Look at your collateral, your website, your events, webinars…is there a focus or are you just putting stuff out there?  Focus!  Focus on who you are targeting (your buyer), focus using media they’ll […]

The Profit Program Workshop

Mark your calendars for January 20-21, 2010. This will be the first time we’re opening this workshop up to multiple companies – get ready for the most dynamic workshop experience you’ll ever have.  We cover strategies on accelerating your business growth in 2010, establishing value based fees, developing financial stability through managed offerings, sales and […]