Shadow IT – Another Security Opportunity

Shadow IT – It’s Everywhere CIOs see Shadow IT  as another aggravation in the way of them doing their job.   Shadow IT is much more serious than job aggravation. Like Spam (something end users see as a time waste) it’s more of a threat than inconvenience. Where there’s a threat, there’s an opportunity…an urgency to […]


What about facebook?

I’m sure your customers are using Facebook, who isn’t?  So is this okay?  Facebook is like cloud computing and SaaS.  It’s an application like or like using Gmail.  So if you discover Facebook accounts during an assessment or in the selling process, don’t consider this to be justification for a security project.  However, there […]

Immediate Justification

When your technical department comes back with an assessment, whether complementary or paid, it should produce immediate opportunity!  If someone from the outside has installed secret code on your client’s PC and is able to access that system surreptitiously, will your client see it as critical?  Not if you simply tell them they have a […]