Making Money w/ Security Day 2 – Security Sales Training

Sound bites are a term I use for collecting and memorizing powerful statistics or statements that come from credible sources like The Wall Street Journal.  By themselves, they won’t sell a thing – in fact most technology sales people are guilty of overusing them, or using them with the wrong people.  They have two purposes: […]


Hiring Hackers Made Easy

If your clients think they’re not at risk, check out the following article.  All it takes is an unhappy customer or disgruntled employee and a little creativity online.  You don’t have to be a hacker to steal data.  In the attached article an unhappy mistress heads for the net to destroy families and discredit names.  […]

How often are your clients being attacked? Read on…

More data is under attack than you realize…or at least your prospects realize.  This study shows that corporations are under attack every day.  But as with many of the breaches reported over the past year, it often takes companies a long time to discover the problem.  This comes from SC Magazine, July 16, 2009.  Learn […]

Getting into the Cybercrime business is easy!

One of my clients recently sent me this article (see link below).  Stolen ID information is fast becoming a commodity.  The days of large organized crime syndicates being the only profiteers is over; they’ve moved on to larger more lucrative cybercrime schemes.  Read about how easy it is to get into the business! …A keystroke […]