Enthusiasm; Aside from Circumstances

This morning I will be presenting to a sales team in DC on the topic of moving up (Accessing Decision Makers)…if you read the recent Harvard Business Review article I posted last week, you know that calling on influencers is largely a waste of time in the new economy of selling.  Not that you want […]

The Outdated Scorecard

Before we get to scorecards, I just posted a 60 min audio recording on how to accelerate your managed services business…check it out on the bottom of this webpage (click and scroll to the bottom) ***** The Scorecard Is your company using the outdated scorecard?  A few days ago I posted a link to a […]

How Do The Professionals Do It?

How do Professional Speakers Improve? Yesterday I compared professional speaking to selling…here is what the professionals focus on: o Stories.  This topic deserves more later, but in short, stories are central to any great presentation.  Recall your favorite conferences and I bet the speaker had great stories.  And they were likely personal stories.  Practice them, […]

The Movie-Star Experience

Growing up, I thought like many young boys, that being a movie star meant they actually experienced what we see in movies.  In case you still think that, it’s far from true.  On my recent trip to Australia, I had another opportunity to watch a motion picture in the making.  If you’ve never done this, […]