Building a Following w/ The End In Mind – Tips on Social Media

When I say “event” or “Lunch & Learn”, the first question is, “How do we get people to come?  Tomorrow I am conducting a conference on entrepreneurial thinking and we have over 130 people signed up – how did that happen?  Well, there are many factors, but one factor should be the use of social […]


Looking at Google+

I’ve been looking at Google+ this week…why?  Because it seems like everyone is on Google for something, and that means Google+ will likely gain a strong following.  I have a Facebook company page, and of course, everyone is on Facebook too – so what should we do with Google+? First – click the g+ and […]

Finally on Facebook

I admit I am not an early adopter, but recently I have been doing some research on how to use social media more effectively than I already am.  David Meerman Scott and Chris Brogan have been strong influences on what I do in this area, and of course, they highly recommend it! Coca-Cola uses it, […]