No More Cold Calling!

People don’t call you back?  That’s because there are too many telemarketers with bad scripts beating you to the punch.  Instead, try creating great content…when people receive great content, or see it on a blog, they subscribe.  Rather than pounding phones, I’d rather be sifting through new subscribers.  Start writing, speaking, tweeting, etc.  But before […]

Using Social Media to Sell

Social Media and The Internet – Marketing Available to You. When I started my company the first thing I did was build a website.  Within minutes of launching I was talking to the entire world for about $30/month.  Since then some great tools have been introduced, allowing me to interact, create content, publish, reach out, […]

Social Networking

Some key points from today’s training on Social Media Marketing with and Business Service Management Sales Training with BMC Partners; Sales and marketing must come together – sales people build their own brand Buyers want expert advisers in business service management, ITIL, change management etc.  The sales person can no longer say, “I’m in sales”, […]