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When I say “event” or “Lunch & Learn”, the first question is, “How do we get people to come?  Tomorrow I am conducting a conference on entrepreneurial thinking and we have over 130 people signed up – how did that happen?  Well, there are many factors, but one factor should be the use of social media.  If you are not leveraging social media tools in your business to build a following, you should be.  If you are, check to make sure you are actually building, and not wasting your time.

Understanding How it Works

First, I think it’s important to say, social media is not a quick, over night kind of thing.  People who use social media as another avenue for spam are not going to be successful.  No one is going to buy a magazine full of advertisements.  I remember watching one of my friends open his Car & Driver Magazine in high school. The first thing he would do is flip through to find the ad pages and rip them out.  Then he would hold up the remaining magazine – it would be half the thickness of the original.

Social media is about content and creating value.  What do your readers want?  What will help them with the business they are trying to build?  You can’t just guess on this, you need input.  I recommend asking your best clients what to put out there.  It also has to be something you are passionate about.  If you don’t have  a passion for the things your clients need, you might be in the wrong business.  When the two come together, something happens – people start following.

Gary Vaynerchuck, author of Crush It, gives us a sense of that passion – check out his blog. Of course, if you know Gary, you don’t read his blog, rather you watch it.  On the other hand, David Meerman Scott does a great job explaining how content should work and how to build, what he calls personas of the people you aim to reach – check out his book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR.

Talking Strategy

Yesterday I was on a coaching call with a marketing VP talking strategy and social media.  His company has content, but as we read through it, we both saw the same problem – the content is to technical and too generic.  His market is pretty specific, yet his content is not.  If I ask him to describe his target prospect, he can do it, but when I read the headlines on his blog, they don’t tend to attract the right target – or any specific target.

Social media is a process – its a set of tools that allow me to address a people group.  The group already exists out there.  My job is to write compelling content to the group as if I am the newspaper serving a local town.  My content has to be great – it has to compete with a million other people.  This is where Simon Sinek’s video, which I posted a few weeks ago, comes inStarting with the Why.  When I think about my own business and why it has been successful over the past 8 years, I know it is because I am doing exactly what Simon is describing – I am selling my Why.  In my words, I am working to meet the needs of my people group.  A concept I describe in detail in my book, From Vendor to Adviser.

When a business owner or VP, of a large company division, wakes up in the morning, I doubt they are thinking about your products and they probably won’t tune into your blog post if it’s all about you.  Yet they will probably read their email first.  For some reason, even the busiest people go to email first.  What are they looking for?  If something is going on in their business, it’s likely somewhere in email and like most professionals, they head there first.  The question is, will they subscribe to your media, making it part of the morning routine?

So How Did We Get the 130 People?

Building an audience happens through social media – making contacts, building trust, and building interest.  It won’t happen overnight, in fact the first year of my blog, I struggled reach more than 10 to 15 readers in a day; sometimes less.  Some people continue to buy lists and make calls, and there is a place for this, but calling people you don’t know, and more importantly, who don’t know you, is a tough way to build an audience for your upcoming event.

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No More Cold Calling!

August 24, 2011 — 2 Comments

People don’t call you back?  That’s because there are too many telemarketers with bad scripts beating you to the punch.  Instead, try creating great content…when people receive great content, or see it on a blog, they subscribe.  Rather than pounding phones, I’d rather be sifting through new subscribers.  Start writing, speaking, tweeting, etc.  But before you do, consider what content will really appeal to your audience.  People want ideas – they want solutions to today’s problems.  Rather than ranting about technology issues – think about the struggles your clients face every day.  People would rather follow innovators than frustrated sales people.

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Social Media and The Internet – Marketing Available to You.

When I started my company the first thing I did was build a website.  Within minutes of launching I was talking to the entire world for about $30/month.  Since then some great tools have been introduced, allowing me to interact, create content, publish, reach out, collect names…and it continues to grow.  Many of these tools are free to me as an individual…

By using the right tools, I can reach millions of people no one knows about, reach into countries I’ve never been to, automate interaction, schedule ahead, and broadcast live, and go global.  And the great news is, this is nearly free.  The key is, figuring out exactly who I really want to reach, and building my program to reach them.  Just because the entire world can see me, doesn’t mean they will, or that I want them to.   As a sales person, you can also narrow this down, targeting a special group in your region.  While the entire world can see you, your content is highly dependent on search criteria, which means you can refine your search-ability or become Google-able (this will likely be in the dictionary before too long) to a niche group simply be setting your content up with your target market in mind.

Now, marketing depends on changing your mindset.  Forget about oldschool marketing, and having your marketing department write, print, publish, and somehow build your brand.  Online, it’s all about you and the content you push out.  You are the thought leader here; the person people buy from because you solve problems.  Online you can promote that single-handedly.  This kind of marketing is not putting out HTML and banners, or pop-ups that annoy websurfers, but rather content that is searchable, using key words and phrases that people will find as they research problems online.

Becoming the adviser now means something new.  It means:

–       Moving from advertising to content

–       A willingness to put intellectual content online for free

–       Believing content will draw new prospects

–       Being real – people want you, not some vanilla website

–       Participating in blogs and forums

–       Writing things that help people – providing real answers

So start writing – interacting, and putting out content that matters.

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This Thursday I will be covering concepts required by every vendor sales team and reseller sales team.

SIGN UP HERE! for Sept. 30, 1020 Teleconference.

While vendor marketing programs and joint marketing programs largely target old school marketing: Interruptions and mass mailings or print ads, these tools may be supplemental,  but by themselves are generally useless;  costly, time consuming and ineffective.  Here is what we’ll be covering at 11:30 EDT this Thursday….

1. What exactly is Social Networking?

2. Which tools should you invest in?

3. Learn to write things that will attract an audience and create a following

4. I will give you exact steps to take on getting started – you won’t need to dive in completely as there are ways to get started slowly, testing the waters.

5. How to treat corporate rules that may limit your involvement

6. How long it will take, and how to spend that time to accelerate the ROI

7. What works and what does not work – from my personal experience as well as recommendations on what to read to continue the learning process.

For those already signed up, remember you can submit questions ahead of time which I will be sure to address during the call.

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Social Networking

June 24, 2010 — Leave a comment

Some key points from today’s training on Social Media Marketing with and Business Service Management Sales Training with BMC Partners;

  • Sales and marketing must come together – sales people build their own brand
  • Buyers want expert advisers in business service management, ITIL, change management etc.  The sales person can no longer say, “I’m in sales”, but must rather be positioned as a consultant in one of more of these areas.
  • Every sales person should be commenting on blogs in their industry, using phrases that are searchable through Google, and considering building their own blog with links back to their corporate websites.
  • Publish,post, and tweet unique, edgy, controversial, and pointed information.  People want opinions not more bits and bytes.
  • Don’t advertise in social media.  No one wants to read another product special.
  • Build out your linkedIn profile – it’s your billboard so use it.  Use first person to create you summary, list searchable areas of expertise, and make is readable and interesting.
  • Connect with people – don’t be shy.  You’re in sales…
  • Join groups, create groups, and get involved in delivering unique content that will brand you as the expert.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of twitter.
  • Build a following.

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