The Greedy Salesperson

In my early day’s of sales management one of my colleagues made the statement, “Greed is good.”  The idea being, we want the sales team to want money, which in turn will drive them toward greater profits.  It sounds right when you hear it in passing…I’m convinced it’s dead wrong. The Good to Great Paradigm […]


Mastering the White Board

Last week I wrote several posts on Power Point.  Here are some thoughts on White boarding: I love the white board.  Unlike Power Point, white boards allow for collaborative thinking.  I remember one of my sales managers coming back from an appointment with great excitement, recounting how he and a perspective client had been up […]

Leveraging the Power of the platform

We completed day one of Mastering Boardroom Presentations, in Raleigh.  As I’ve said before, the presentation always seems to be the weak link in the sales call.  If you want to increase sales, perfect your message, and become the best at presenting in!  Some the key take aways from today’s participants were: 1. “Focus on […]

Word to the Wise

Most people are hired for their outstanding representation of skills and experience (whether they are real or not)…most are fired for reasons of poor character.  Work hard and demonstrate outstanding character today! © David Stelzl 2010

Building the Value Proposition in Boston

Last week’s trip to Boston – we worked on messaging, presentation skills, and strategies for reaching higher into the organization where security really matters.  I had the privilate of spending the day with the Courion sales team, Gartner’s first choice in Access Assurance software, working through the concepts of Making Money with Security.   It […]

Making the complex simple

How easy is it to buy from you?  I just received my HP 50g calculator in the mail – their high end graphing calculator.  While I don’t do a lot function plots in my business, I do teach algebra II in my spare time, thus the calculator.  I was thinking about the 41C I purchased […]