Writing Your Mission Statement in 15 Minutes

How long does it take to agree on a mission statement that works?  In today’s strategy meeting in Tampa, FL, I worked with a technology reseller on their Managed Services offering.  The first step was to establish a mission and vision statement for this new practice area – the mission should really be an extension […]

Answering the “Why” Question

At least one astute reader asked the question…”Why?”  after he read my post on Simon Sinek’s video, Starting with the Why (click to view it) yesterday.   I would hope more people are asking, “Why to I do what I do?” – it makes all the difference. This reader writes me with the question, “Okay, […]

Simon Sinek on the “Why” We Do Business

Not a brand new video, but worth taking a look – if you want success in your messaging, Sinek has some points that really are worth embracing.  I often ask, “What people group are you serving?”  It you don’t know and understand your people group, it will be very hard to meet their core needs.