Are You Welcoming New Clients?

  Making Your Client’s Feel Welcome Just Might be The Easiest Way To Establish Value Quickly One of my clients recently joined NewsletterPro – The newsletter service I wrote about a few days ago. ¬†When he signed up, they welcomed him. First step – getting Shaun Buck’s Book. It’s free – but when you order […]


Newsletter Marketing

Are You Connected w/ Your Clients? Keeping in touch with hundreds of clients is difficult. I know. I run a micro business out of my home office with hundreds of clients around the world. It’s impossible to keep up! Here’s Something That’s Working…My Newsletter! Newsletters? Didn’t that go out of vogue years ago? With email, […]

Newsletter Marketing

We’ve Re-engineered Our Newsletter…Why? How Many People Are Reading Your Newsletter? And How Long Does It Take To Write It? What about yours? Do you have a monthly newsletter? ¬†Chances are you do. You might even have a blog. Does anyone read your letter or your blog? If you’re selling technology or IT Management,…or security, […]