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If you have attended any of my webinars, or perhaps signed up for my online Making Money w/ Security class, you’ve been to my EventBrite page. This has been a great tool for setting up just about any kind of event, both online and live.  I wanted to pass this along to you as you consider doing lunch & learns and marketing webinars this year…a couple of great features to ease the burden of event planning:

  1. First, the fee; Eventbrite charges a percentage of what you charge, so if your event is free (which most lunch & learns and marketing webinars are), your fee will be $0!  It doesn’t get much better…
  2. You can limit the number of seats, so if you have a Webex account that permits 100 seats, you can limit your sign up to 100 attendees.  Same would go for a live event.
  3. You can set up different ticket types, so in my Making Money w/ Security class I have three different ticket types; one at list price, one for early sign up, and one for mentor alumni.  This really helps when the event has a fee associated with it.
  4. It’s easy to customize.  I often have a picture to go with my event, so uploading a photo is common.  On some sites you have to make the picture a certain size, but Eventbrite is smart enough to modify your photo so that it works without any changes.
  5. You can include a location which automatically displays the Google Maps picture!  Pretty cool for live events.
  6. You can specify what information you want to collect.  Some can be optional, and others can be mandatory, but its all up to you.
  7. You can mass email your list, keeping people up to date, and sending out reminders – all prescheduled and easy to create.  That is how  I get the 24 hr notice out, then the 6 hour, then the 1 hour reminders. This cuts down on attrition.
  8. You can also do mass email marketing with a list right from Eventbrite and it will track your responses.  I don’t use this, but its out there.
  9. You can connect with Google Analytics, or just view the Eventbrite statistics.  Google gives you more, but the Eventbrite stats are good enough in most cases.
  10. Finally, you can duplicate an event – making it easy to set up a next event of a similar type – for instance, if you do monthly webinar events.

There you have it – give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

© 2012, David Stelzl