You Might Be Giving Away Twice What You Thought!

I am very excited about tomorrow’s free webinar on fees!  While spreadsheets and finances are not my favorite pass time, the idea of increasing margins and cutting losses is exciting! If you have not signed up, do it now! I prepared 7 well kept secrets to help you change your pricing models for 2012 […]


Time for Another Presentation; Time for a Nap!

The purpose of a sales presentation is to sell; to convince the prospect that you have a solution to a problem that they in fact have, and that you are the best problem solver around.  The fee in turn, must be commensurate with the value delivered. But here’s the problem:  First, 95% of the possible […]

When they Just Can’t Afford You…

No matter how much value you represent, and no matter how well you communicate it, you will find that some prospects/clients, just can’t afford you.  In this economy, expect that number to grow within your current client base.  So what do  you do? Move on!  But remember, every past client, every prospect, and those struggling […]