The Lunch & Learn Follow Up Plan

The Follow Up Plan Determines Success or Failure What happens After You Conduct a Live Lunch & Learn Event…Is It Successful? In my last post I talked about raising your conversion numbers. Successful lunch & learns convert. Mine are converting at about 99% over the past 12 months. Meaning, if 30 people come to the […]

Forget Trying To Help Clients Become Compliant

Imminent Danger, Not Compliance Requirements, Will Move CISOs Undeniable justification is built when the client sees imminent danger. The security sale is powerful simply because every company you deal with has inadequate security protection. And they always will because the hackers are always one step ahead of the rest of us. As technologies continue to […]

The New Denial of Service Attack

“If the financial institutions can’t reach the victims to ask about the suspicious activity, the transactions often go through” (WSJ)…Here’s how it works.  Hackers, using automated dial programs, bombard companies with calls, tying up their phone lines, while raiding brokerage and banking accounts.  The banks will try to contact the business if they suspect foul […]