Making Money w/ Security – Day Three

Today is the third and final day of the Making Money w/ Security workshop…I was talking with a sales manager this morning about today’s content.  He’s seen it work, closed business using it, but the question always comes up, “How to do I move an entire sales team away from the old product pushing habits?” […]

Making Money w/ Security Sales Training Day 3…

P2P Peril Link Updated First, I continue to reference this article – P2P Peril, in my workshops. This article was written back in 2008, but is still highly relevant, providing some great catalyst for selling security when it comes to employees that work from home…I just updated the link on my blog – here’s the […]

Guatemala City: Day 1

I arrived yesterday after connecting in Houston. Guatemala is a lot different than I expected, with it’s mountainous terrain and volcanoes – pictured left.  The weather is great in this city, which sits about a mile above sea-level.  My client tells me they don’t need heat or air conditioning in their homes.  It’s just perfect […]

The Security Value Proposition

In last week’s webinar on fee setting, one of the 5 secrets I shared had to do with understanding value before quoting a price.  By this I mean, you personally have ownership of the value your are providing and the client agrees – they too see the value.  On the call I discussed various ways […]

Making Money with Security Dates

January Dates are Sold Out! Our first public offering – Making Money with Security, Virtual Class is now sold out!  That is for January 5, 6, and 13.  Given the strong response, I am scheduling new dates at the start of Q2.. New Dates: April 19, 21 and 27 Check out the details: (CLICK)

All Budgets Lie

No budget!  How many times have you heard these words?  “No one has budget, there’s no money to spend, we have to wait until next quarter…”  So just go back to the office and tell you sales manager to hold off on selling until Q1.  No problem, I’m sure they’ll understand.  Meanwhile, can you raise […]

Who are the Decision Makers?

I call decision makers, Asset Owners.  They make decisions because they manage assets, and as asset managers or owners, they are liable.  Some distinctions from yesterday’s post may help guide our thinking on the next sales opportunity: 1. Asset owners are building a business, IT is building an empire.  Ask the IT person if they […]