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Making Money w/ Security

I’ve just scheduled our next Making Money w/ Security workshop…if you’ve not been to this workshop, I highly recommend checking it out.

This is by far my most popular training class, and it’s all online for those who don’t have time to travel, or don’t have enough sale people in one location to host a live workshop.  It doesn’t matter if you call on SMB or enterprise, those who have attended this workshop have told me, “It works!”

This is not generic training like you would find with a Sandlers or other common sales training program – it’s high-tech, network and system security specific, led by someone who has sold security solutions and develop security practice areas.

Wall Street Journal reported a few weeks ago that Cyber Security is one of the most highly sought after skills in our nation.  Learn how to sell larger security projects that involve security strategy, assessment of risk, remediation, and ongoing managed security solutions.  I’ll show you where to look, who to talk to, what to say, how to price, and how to close.  It’s 3 days, 2 hrs each day – right at your desk.

You’ll receive a soft copy workbook, login instructions, and access to this live workshop.  It’s not recorded, and it’s not a trainer.  I conduct these sessions live, answer all of your questions directly, and provide one hour of 1-1 coaching after the session to help you apply these concepts to your personal business.  Join me on May 13th, 2013, and I’ll help you make this a great year.

Here’s the link with more information and a place to sign up: (LINK)

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The Professional

October 14, 2010 — 2 Comments

There’s been a raging debate in one of the forums I follow – “Can anyone be a great sales person?”  It’s a loaded question with no clear answer, and the back-and-forth comments show a split among numerous contributors.  The problem with the question is, it leaves too much to the imagination.  There is no context; type of people, are they already  in sales, do they have trainers and coaches, and how much time do they have to become great? (The list could go on)

While reading some analogies given about athletes, it occurred to me that great athletes  do possess a genetic advantage, however, they also spend their life training.  The average high school varsity player (far from professional) spends all week training in order to play one two-hour game!  But in sales, the average player spends 1 day training to compete the other 364 days/year (minus whatever  weekends and holidays/vacations you actually completely disconnect from your Blackberry – which is rare these days).  How can sales managers expect their team to win with this kind of training regiment?

Am I missing something?  I’d love to hear your comments…

© 2010, David Stelzl