The Next House & the Cloud

The New House & the Cloud – Completely Revised, Full of New Strategies, And Updated To Address New Technologies – Cloud, BYOD, Mobility, Collaboration, and Social Business. It’s been a long time coming – I had hoped to have this out in the late summer.  But it’s finally done, and with the publisher.  Here’s what […]

The Most Incredible Value Proposition

What’s your value proposition? How many times have you been asked, “What do you do?” It’s a simple question. But the answer may prove more complex than you imagine.  Following is a excerpt from my House & the Cloud Update, where I eventually answer this important question.   Consider the following scenario: You’re attending an association meeting, […]

Event Marketing Special Offer

Happy 4th of July –  three important things you don’t want to be without. 1. I’ve changed the pricing on my live event marketing audio program – get it today for just 99 cents!  (MP3) 2. You’ll also want to add the Event Marketing Field Guide…100 pages of step by step instructions that will basically […]

Getting Away For Refreshment

Sales are great, but if you don’t carve out some free time, you’re likely to burn out before it’s over.  Studies show that getting away from it all improves innovation, creativity, and enthusiasm, so make sure you spend some time with the family!  Here are a few pictures from our recent backpacking trip – I […]

Every Customer Has A Story

There’s a powerful video put out by Chick-Fil-A called “Every Customer Has  A Story.”  When Chick-Fil-A opens a new store, people gather hours before the grand opening just to be one of the first in.  It’s just fast food, but their company stands out among fast food establishments whether you like their food or not.  […]

Trashing Business Cards

What do you do with the business cards you collect?  I throw mine right in the trash; well, first I enter them into, and then I toss them.  In my sales training workshops I often ask the attendees how many people keep their cards. It’s amazing how many do.  I think they are seen […]

RSA 2012 – Was it Worth Your Time?

RSA was in full swing last week – did anyone attend? I guess the big question is, if you went, was it worth going?  Most of the material presented at RSA, based on past shows, is now available online…however, the networking opportunity can’t be beat.  Granted, if you sit on the vendor side, writing security […]