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I’m heading to Singapore today to speak to technology sales people on Value Proposition and how to related to C-Level prospects…here’s a short clip to watch while I am flying for 14+ hours overseas…enjoy!



I returned home last night from Guatemala – unfortunately it was too cloudy to get a shot of the volcanoes while taking off, but here is a hot of the city housing and a view of the GUA airport in Guatemala City.  Next time I will plan to bring my SLR camera and plan time to take some real pictures.  Big mistake not coming prepared to see this scenic country!

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Taking copious notes has always been a discipline I’ve embraced.  Whether in school, a seminar, or even Church, I like taking notes – not everything that’s been said, but the ideas that come as a result of the speakers insights.  My CRM database, is no exception!  I use the history section to keep notes on meetings, but the description field is where I keep the important insights!  Here are some favorites I come across as I call on people:


Requested free copy of The House & the Cloud



Referred by ***** on ******

Gave exceptional feedback on my keynote at *******

Kids names are….

Spouses name….


Take notes, put them somewhere you’ll see them, and make them meaningful.  Remembering key details, whether they say “This person never buys anything,” or “Birthday on ….” provide important direction on how to engage when opportunities come up.  (Might be a perfect fit for carrying an iPad into your next sales meeting!)

© 2011, David Stelzl

The fastest way to inculcate the concepts from our Making Money with Security Class is to try it.  Last week I had opportunity to interact with one person attending the 3-day virtual class currently in process…

He writes, “I thought I would try to apply some of the nuggets I have learned this week, in a meeting I had earlier this morning.  It went really well!  I met with a CISO and we discussed assets and started applying the likelihood vs. impact philosophy.  As I was doing this, my customer said the biggest problem he has is understanding likelihood.”

…This is predictable.  As I stated in last Thursday’s session, everyone seems to focus on the impact side of the security equation, but CISO’s and asset owners are already well aware of this, and continue to hear the same ROI and Insurance sales pitches almost daily from your competition.  By taking the “Likelihood” approach, a new discussion evolves.

He continues with a great question, “Based on this approach, is determining likelihood done through risk assessment or are there more dimensions to consider?”

If you’re in the class, you know we have one more session to cover, and this is where we will address this in detail, …but, this is the right question to be asking…how do we move this conversation forward to create business?  Here is a portion of my reply:

“…it means starting with executives rather than IT, and interviewing them to understand the assets; how they’re used, who uses them, who can’t use them…etc.  Then, armed with a complete understanding of the data (the assets), the technical side of the assessment should be used to discover how the necessary security is being achieved, or how to reduce the likelihood to an acceptable level of risk.  The ‘’Impact vs. likelihood” graph from by book, The House & the Cloud becomes our primary deliverable, backed by data from the assessment.

His final comment: “Application to real world is the best way to learn… I personally missed focusing on the asset and pitched it more towards the vulnerability discovery.  The asset that has the vulnerability determines the impact and the level of the vulnerability determines the likelihood.  Starting to add up.’’

This is exactly right and leads to the justification this sales person needs to create new business.

© 2011, David Stelzl