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Just a Minute!

March 22, 2010 — Leave a comment

Just a minute – if you attended last weeks Teleseminar on Creating Justification through the sales process, make sure have have the audio download link, and be sure to download it within 7 days…here’s a one minute clip from this sixty minute session!


Don’t forget – this Friday is the first of the 2010 Teleseminar Series.  Assessments are one of the strongest motivators when considering budgets and what to buy.  Risk being the number one motivator when dealing with business decision makers.  Unfortunately this tool has been often misused and misunderstood.  I hear questions like; should we do this for free or charge?  How much do we charge? Who needs to be involved – what if we can’t get the economic buyer involved?


  • Three types of assessments – which one to sell if you want more business
  • Exactly what the buyer will want to see
  • How to justify the assessment – and how to justify the next step
  • How to price it and when to give it away
  • What to include in the deliverable and where the sales person must participate
  • What to include in the deliverable and what it should look like
  • How to turn it into an ongoing subscription service
  • How to present your findings to make sure they’re heard and to ensure you get budget to take the next step
  • How to move this to managed services

When complementary work is performed, the results are often wasted – delegated down to IT and operations people who may not take the time to read the report and will not have the ability to approve budgets.  All of these questions and more will be addressed in this weeks event!  Don’t miss it…this is the fastest way to build your pipeline for the coming quarter!

When:  this Friday at 11:30 am edt


Marketing in Miami

November 6, 2009 — Leave a comment

We just finished up an exceptional customer facing event in Miami…In Seth Godin’s book, Permission Marketing, he explains what effective marketing is; the different between interruption marketing and permission marketing.  You can’t effectively mass market solutions and consulting services using interruption or typical marketing strategies.  Instead you must gain permission through things like education, providing value to  the client.   Combining this with something as urgent as data security provides a winning combination, allowing you to continue growing the relationship, increasing permission levels, as you provide trustworthy advice (the ingredients of being the trusted advisor).

In this case we brought together a group of clients, people already working with a solution provider, and gave them the next phase in curriculum…this builds the next level of permission.  We now have permission to meet with executives to discover assets and risk, where as before we only had permission to sell “products and install” to IT.  Using risk analysis, I can gain permission to talk to almost anyone in the organization, without wearing my sales hat. I’ve moved from vendor to adviser.  This is the next step in taking your business to the next level.

The Pentagon has been breached more than once (Here is one recent example) and over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen the following compromises:

250,000 SSNs – Florida State Workforce Innovation

6000 SSNs – US Army

1300 IDs – MD State Laptop stolen

59,000 IDs – Luxonica Retailer

97,000 SSNs – Starbucks laptop stolen

344,000 SSNs – University of Florida

100,000 SSNs  stolen from the Texas Lottery

I am always impressed when IT security says, “We’ve got it covered.”  It’s rare to find a mid-sized company that is so well prepared when organizations including the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon have all been successfully breached, and a list like this shows up just over the past three weeks.  Or maybe they just think they’ve “got it covered.”