Why do Assessments?

Almost every reseller does assessments, and now, many manufacturers are not only doing them, but equipping their reseller community through partner program trainings, and portals, and the creation of assessment tools.  Why?  If you don’t understand the core reasons for doing an assessment, chances are you are wasting your time.   © 2010, David Stelzl

Assessments that create business

We are on day two of an intense business planning session in Kentucky – of key topic that always comes up is, “How do we create business, and do the assessments we’re currently using work for this sort of thing?” There are three common assessments I see out there: 1.  The vulnerability assessment is most […]

Notes from My Ingram Micro Presentation

Just returning from my Dallas event with Ingram Micro…what a great trip and event!  Ingram Micro always does a great job hosting these types of programs for it’s reseller community…a few follow-up notes on my talk for those who attended and even those who did not… There is a time to charge for assessments! 1. […]

Recent Mid-Altlantic Demand Gen Event

Well, after numerous attempts to get my traveling computer back in  service, I finally gave in and reloaded the entire system last night (note recent posts on my Dell support experience).  So I’m back in business in the electronic age.  Now on to more important things… This weeks marketing events proved again that education, at […]

New Record for Hackers

Possibly a new record…”Heartland Payment Systems (HPY) on Tuesday disclosed that intruders hacked into the computers it uses to process 100 million payment card transactions per month for 175,000 merchants.” – this is a quote out of Today’s USAToday article disclosing what may be the largest recorded breach to date…beating the TJX breach which they […]