Interview With Tom Albert, Founder and CEO of Measured Risk

The Future of Security is AI Making Sense of Data is One of Gartner’s Top 10 Predictions for 2019… Tom Albert and his team are bringing the two together to deliver decision making intelligence (specific to risk and exposure) to the C-Suite! Check out this interview with Tom and David Stelzl, CISSP and Author of […]


3 Essential Elements of The CyberSecurity Sale – How to Close Without Negotiating Price

Hey Everyone, I’m just getting putting the final touches on my WatchGuard keynote for next week’s partner event in Miami…and then on to Ibiza Spain for their EMEA conference! Also, you’ll want to download my free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Template – it’t he key to closing with bickering over price! © 2018, David Stelzl

Finding The Security Risks: The One Big Mistake Your Prospects Are Making Every Day!!!

What’s The One Big Issue Behind Almost Every Hack? Hint: Most Risk Assessments Ignore It! One questions I always ask on our final coaching call (in The Security Sales Mastery Program)… “What is your client’s number one security mistake?” Answers vary… Is it…  Poorly configured or managed firewalls, Untested backup systems, Improper network segmentation All are important, […]

The Bot; Your Prospect’s Enemy #1

One Thing to Look For In Your Next Security Assessment… If You Want To Convert To Projects & Managed Services Are you assessing your client’s data security? More importantly, is your assessment turning up urgent issues.  A week or so ago I posted on finding urgent issues – The Bot is your client’s number one enemy. […]