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USAToday reported (today) – tech spending will recover in 2010!  Great news, but who knows if they’re right?  Reports call for pent-up demand to drive new technology sales in the coming months, giving us some growth over 2009, but less than 2008.  My favorite line, “Now that the recession is over…”.  Read more here:  How do they know – Wall Street reported the recession to be over about 6 months ago…I was dumb enough to believe them.  Now I’m confused.

Now don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that I have a bad attitude here – if anyone if feeling optimistic, it’s me.  But relying on recovery for profitability this year would be a mistake.  There’s more competition, more tech companies hurting, and more hungry sales people out there than ever before.  Don’t expect business to just role in because Windows has a new version out (by the way, I am loving my MacBook Pro at this point).  The bottom line:  value – what value do  you bring to your clients to help their businesses recover regardless of recession reports?  If you haven’t done so, I recommend getting a plan together for CYQ1 – figure out who you’re calling on, what they really need, and find a way to  help them get it.


This morning I presented a webcast on selling security in 2009.  Several points are worth noting as you plan your year.  Before I begin, don’t forget to check out today’s Podcast – a new Podcast comes out every Friday at  This week’s topic presents Part Two of Putting your 2009 Business Plan together.  Given the following, security should be a core focus…

  • VARBusiness’ State of the Market predictions for 2009 list Security as an area for “Robust Growth” . Specifically network security, followed by security appliance sales, Internet security software, security management, and finally access management. If you’re riding the inertia of compliance issues in healthcare, government, and business, you’re in good shape.
  • Storage holds the number two position, but specifically “Recovery Software Solutions”, which of course is a Risk sale – reference security.
  • The third is no surprise – Networking; but expect a heavy focus on wireless implementations. Differentiate with security given the increases in cybercrime via wireless networks.

Also expect to see growth in managed services offerings as companies such as SecurView and Zenith Infotech support VAR efforts to establish recurring revenue offerings.  The winners here will be companies explicitly marketing security event management to address the compliance market.  Pure monitoring in my opinion is a commodity, so take the next step as you consider your offering.

So while some are reporting unemployment rates in the 7+ percent range (US Economy), those companies that have thought through their offering, have the cash to sustain a few down months, and continue to press forward with compelling marketing programs, will likely rise to the top, grow through acquisition, and take on clients left in the sidelines of recession.

Thoughts on the Market

November 24, 2008 — Leave a comment

Sound bite: President-Elect Obama’s phone records have been compromised – read by Verizon employees.  I understand they were fired, but so what.  Once digital assets are compromised there’s no way to recover.  Now that they’ve been terminated, whatever secrets were discovered will be made public.  Everything we do is being recorded; none of it is really secure.

Sound bite: Kaspersky has grown its retail sales of antivirus and computer-security software this year by 137%, to $15.5 million, through August.  Once again, security seems to be doing well despite mounting economic pressures.

What about your Business?

Is your fourth quarter strong?  If you’re tempted to envy those who are doing well, forget it; you’re wasting precious time.  Focus on your business; use this week to get your yearend battle plan together.  Consider what happens in Q1 09, and surround yourself with wise counsel, people who win regardless of adversity, and those who rise above circumstances.  This is the time to be marketing, demonstrating value to those you call on, and providing that trusted ADVISOR thing we’re always talking about.

Recession proofing your business – It’s been proven that slashing marketing budgets and efforts during a recession is a mistake!  One analyst puts it this way, “The larger your voice share compared to your actual market share, the more likely your company and brand will grow market share when the recession fizzles out; also share of mind remains for months uncontested among consumers.”  Remain strong, be proactive, and communicate more frequently with those you work with.  Everyone is looking for wise counsel.