Proposals and Fees – Two Areas That Need Attention

First, don’t miss these two sessions online – this is my Christmas gift to you just for being a regular reader…. 1. – Setting Fees with Profit in Mind! 2. – Secrets to Writing Winning Proposals (Including RFP responses) Two areas I see even some of the most successful sales people missing on […]

How Long Does It Take You To Write A Proposal?

It takes me about five minutes to write most of my proposals.  Whether my fee is $200 or $100,000 dollars for the project in question, the proposal looks the same and communicates the same information. The difference in fee has to do with the value I am proposing, not the format of my proposal. © […]

The Fixed Price Dilemma

After several posts on proposals and some words on pricing, people have responded with all sorts of reasons on why they can’t give a fixed price.  Believe me, I understand the dilemma.  If you just don’t know what it will take, you don’t want the risk…here are the common objections: 1. Client doesn’t want to […]

Long Proposals Make Great Landfill

That’s right – Long Proposals Make Great Landfill…if you attended Friday’s teleseminar you’ll be receiving an audio copy of it shortly, but a few points for everyone are in order… The Wall Street Journal reported just a few days ago, we are in the “texting” generation, and those writing proposals might take note here; people […]

Pricing Your Proposal

Finalizing my notes this morning for today’s teleseminar on proposals – a side topic which I plan to cover (but won’t have time for great detail) is pricing… Join us today: 11:30 EDT (CLICK) So here are a few random rules on proposal prices: 1. Most resellers are pricing things too low – the thought […]

Award Winning Proposals

Who has time to read proposal?  Not me.  When was the last time you read through a thirty page contract, or even a five page letter from your bank or insurance company? Join me this Friday at 11:30 EDT (Virtually) to hear more: (CLICK) Most proposals are just like these letters – junk mail of […]