Moving From Vendor to Adviser in 2014

I’ve just announced my first training workshop for 2014 Moving From Vendor to Adviser… This training is specifically designed for those selling high-tech solutions. I don’t train people to sell vacuums, encyclopedia sets, or used cars. Most sales training programs are generic – they are taught by people who have read some guy’s book, studied […]

Making Money w/ Security Day Two: CIO Relevance

What does the CIO really need to hear?  I’m sure you’ve thought about this question before. Anyone going in to meet with a CIO or other high-level executive has to ask this question – you only get one shot at establishing this relationship.  This was central to yesterday’s workshop session on selling security and reaching […]

Making Money w/ Security This Week

Our fall schedule is under way – in fact, I kicked off the bow hunting season last night with a successful hunting trip deep in the woods of my back yard!  (Sorry no pictures from last night’s events).  Needless to say, we were up late…but I digress. The schedule I’m really talking about has to […]