Moving From Vendor to Adviser in 2014

I’ve just announced my first training workshop for 2014 Moving From Vendor to Adviser… This training is specifically designed for those selling high-tech solutions. I don’t train people to sell vacuums, encyclopedia sets, or used cars. Most sales training programs are generic – they are taught by people who have read some guy’s book, studied […]


Turning Port Scans Into Something Meaningful

First, be sure to check out the rest of the fall 2013 training schedule right here (CLICK).  I have just two more Making Money w/ Security Classes before year end – and the sooner you attend, the sooner you can start applying these principles to growing your business. This past week I was reviewing port […]

Rethinking Presales Support (SEs and Consultants)

I’ve spent the week interviewing presales consultants in the Chicago area this week…next week I’ll be teaching a sales class to presales engineers over in Singapore (yes, its live onsite).  This is an under-served group needing some attention in most organizations. An Undefined Job When I talk with a presales consultant (A job I personally […]