SMB Sound bites

While working with the Kaspersky Marketing today in Boston I came across this list of sound bites.  You can read the entire article in USA Today …. this may help move some of the business owners you are working with to a realization that their small companies actually are targets – it’s not just the […]

become a hacker – order now!

Yes, China and Google are dominating the news with filtered searching and email break-ins.  This is bad for cloud computing as noted in my Saturday post.  Keep your eyes on this as you talk with clients about cloud computing options.  The fact is, you can’t trust your data with someone else at this point and […]

Making Money in a Miserable Economy

Paralleling my most popular workshop, Making Money with Security™, this teleseminar will get you going again.  Scheduled for March 26 at 11:30 am Eastern for one hour,  full of content, no discussion, not Q&A and best of all no travel required. The fee is $95 (only $25 if you’ve been through my one-on-one mentoring program or […]