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Yesterday was a crazy day – I am moving all of my audio products to digital download and have a very limited supply of CDs on hand…I offered these first to those who have attended recent workshops and webinars, but I still have just a few sets left for those who faithfully read my blog. These CDs can be copied to your computer and used on MP3 players, so don’t miss this.

Normally they sell for $25/each on my webstore, but right now I am giving them away (well almost giving them away)…and offering them first come, while they last…

Link to order:

1. You can get any one of three titles for just $7.50

Selling Security to Executives in the Board Room – this is a live recording using the House & the Cloud sales process – a one hour session demonstrating exactly how to use this process with your client. I demonstrate how I took a simple firewall lead and turned it into a year’s worth of very profitable business with a regional bank. (60 min)

Leveraging Threats and Sound Bites to Sell Security. This was also recorded live – in this one hour session I walk through the power of using sound bites from sources like the Wall Street Journal, while giving you the history and direction of cybercrime and showing you how to demonstrate that every company has a secuity need – whether they know it or not. Never walk away believing they “Have it covered”. (about 60 Min)

Creating An Effective Value Proposition – In this 70 min keynote, you’ll find some of my funniest stories (including my signature Grass Growing Story), with great content on exactly what executives want to hear, and how to deal with the influencers and gatekeepers keeping you from getting there. After this session several people commented that I should go into stand up comedy, so it will hold your attention. But don’t miss the valuable message behind all the fun. This is how to get in front of the people making the buying decision. (70 Min)

2. Or you can get all three for $12.50 – all three topics listed above are available if you just click the last button…so instead of paying $75 dollars, you get all three for $12.50

Again, I have a very limited supply…and I will not be reordering CDs – ever! Its all MP3 from here on out. Thanks for checking it out.
This is a closeout, so all sales are final.

NOTE: These make great Christmas presents…they also help control conversations in the car. Whenever an argument breaks out or if you find the kids are being unruly, just pop one of these into the CD player, and you’ll find things are peaceful again!  Of maybe your spouse is arguing with you – this puts a fast end to it.

Link to order:

Also, once you order you’ll have an opportunity to purchase my 5 Essential Topics for Moving From Vendor to Adviser at a steep discount…


Vendor to Adviser

December 20, 2010 — 2 Comments

If you missed my teleseminar last week on moving from Vendor to Adviser…Here are some examples of how I’ve turned mundane deals into profit-rich, consultative relationships:

  • A firewall upgrade opportunity referred by a vendor/partner turned in large profit and product.  Rather than going in with quotes and features, I presented cybercrime trends to an executive VP, identified their mission critical applications, data, and some process, and showed them how current trends are attacking companies similar to theirs.  The meeting ended with an agreement to perform a simple assessment, which was then expanded to a $65,000 contract.  From there we spent over a year implementing security controls, locking down operating systems, and eventually signed a three year security management agreement.
  • A firewall replacement opportunity from a non-active client turned into a larger assessment and perimeter security initiative with dual-authentication and application security consulting.  In this case, the client wanted to review competitive quotes.  Rather than responding with numbers, we called a meeting with the VP of operations, reviewed mission critical applications, and discovered a need for stronger application security and authentication for users who are members but not employees of the organization.  We proposed a simple assessment which closed for $35,000, and demonstrated the need for two-factor authentication, intrusion detection with event correlation, and upgraded various components of the perimeter as well as website security for the application in question.
  • An intrusion detection opportunity with a newspaper company turned into a larger policy consulting project putting us in front of all major company stake holders.  Rather than responding with numbers we were able to show the need to identify company policy in order to properly place and managed intrusion technology.  This effort led to a portal based policy server, intrusion prevention technology along with managed event correlation.  Future projects were easier to win with our new executive level sponsorship.
  • A large network project was put on hold at a major southeast university.  Instead of giving up, I was able to convince them to conduct an operational efficiency and risk study on the need for new network equipment.  This allowed us to gain entrance to all major stake holders positioning us for future project business.
  • At an educators symposium I was offered a breakout session to speak for free.  I used that platform to present trends on cybercrime, approached being taken by large organizations, specifically in the education/university space, and was able to follow up with one of the attendees with economic buyer status.  Our team conducted an assessment for $125,000, and then leveraged that relationship for introductions throughout the southeast.  Similar projects followed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, many of which required remediation efforts.
  • A similar speaking opportunity was given to me at a CLEC symposium for NC, SC, and VA.  Similar results followed the educator symposium.
  • A small staffing role was awarded to us to install some server technology in a large multimillion-dollar financial application project.  By researching their proposed plan we were able to show how their approach was not going to produce the results they were looking for.  At the risk of losing our position on the project, we proceeded with recommendation on how to change the program, putting us at the helm of a 3 million dollar initiative to role out a lending application nationwide.

You get the idea.  Taking existing product opportunities, free speeches, and by proposing contrarian approaches, a savvy sales person can move up.  One who has taken the time to stay on top of trends and developed consulting skills, can move to a consultative, and highly profitable position within the organizations they are already calling on.

© 2010, David Stelzl