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graph - downAre Your MSP Clients Staying?

The Average Stay is 5 Years According to Those Deep Into the MSP Offerings

So how do you keep clients longer, or avoid having even shorter retention. If you could stop just 5% of your clients from leaving – increasing their lifetime value by one of more years, you would see an immediate uptick in profitability.

Do the math…client retention is perhaps one of the fastest ways to increase your income.

Yesterday, my partners over at Ingram Micro sponsored a live online training where I was to present 4 things you should be doing to increase retention.  Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties and will be rescheduling.  In the mean time, here are a few things to consider…

Welcoming Your New Clients.  This is perhaps the weak point in any annuity business. You spend months on selling, sign them up, and then set them up. The assumption is, they need your services, and as long as you perform, they’ll stay. That’s not the case. Chances are they signed up because they had pressing issues. 3 or 4 years after fixing those issues, they’ll forget.

Your welcome kit should be special, and it should be lasting. It might include posters, booklets, and more. Hard-copy materials that they refer to regularly to get the help they need.  Consider issues like; getting most out of your technology, maintaining performance on systems, and tips to keep data secure.

Staying In Touch.  Do you send them a newsletter? If you don’t, you should.  But don’t write about Microsoft and Dell.  They don’t care. Give them information they can use. I posted on this topic a few days ago – it might be worth going back to review.

Start with an Assessment. You might think this lengthens the sales process. It doesn’t. Not only does it speed up approval, it increases retention. Show them they have major holes, and keep them up to date on who’s attacking what. Suddenly they need you long term.

Provide vCISO/CIO services. Today’s CIO is responsible for helping their companies stay on track with technology. As the Digitalization Megatrend takes shape, every company needs this function, however, small businesses can not afford to hire qualified CIOs.  On the Security side, the same is true.

© 2016, David Stelzl



newsletterAre You Connected w/ Your Clients?

Keeping in touch with hundreds of clients is difficult. I know. I run a micro business out of my home office with hundreds of clients around the world. It’s impossible to keep up!

Here’s Something That’s Working…My Newsletter!

Newsletters? Didn’t that go out of vogue years ago? With email, you can reach your audience in a few seconds. With Facebook, there’s a constant update feeding your clients in real time.  The problem is, no one is reading this stuff.

I know – your kids are reading Facebook updates…but busy business leaders are not. They may be following their kids and grandkids, but it’s unlikely they are keeping up with your business posting (if you even do that.)

Recently I had an hour-long conversation with Shaun Buck, President of Newsletter Pro. Wow! After talking with him I ordered his book (which you can get for free using this link), and read the entire book over the weekend.

Here’s Why You Need Shaun’s Book!

  1. First, I saw that digital newsletters are a waste of time – no one is reading them. The open rates on your digital newsletter are probably around 10% – if you have one.
  2. If your letter is good – looks great, but also has great content, it will sit on your clients desk for weeks…reminding them that you exist.  I’ve tested this. Whenever I talk to my clients on the phone, I ask – “Do you have my latest newsletter?” They always do (of course this requires a printed letter.)
  3. Shaun’s book explains how to create content your clients will actually read – they don’t care about the latest Microsoft patch!  He tells you what to write about.
  4. His welcome package – the one you will receive when you order his book, is outstanding. He makes you want to do business with him. It’s worth using as a model for your own.
  5. He offers you a way to get your letter done – and it’s not that expensive. The truth is, you don’t have time to write a good newsletter,…but he does.

I took his advice. I’ve completely re-engineered my newsletter with Shaun’s help. And the test is – my clients. The feed back has been excellent! In fact, I carry a stack around with me, handing them out when I meet new people. It’s far better than a business card.

© 2016, David Stelzl

Get Shaun’s Book Here – It’s Free, and Life Changing… And then, get yourself a newsletter that really works…