Bait and Hook Reversal – Negotiating Strategy #7

Still working through those gut-wrenching negotiations.  You may have read about the Bait and Hook…what happens when purchasing reverses this strategy, using it on you? First, if you have not heard of this tactic, it goes something like this… When used by a sales person, they may find one key requirement in an RFP or […]

Promise for More – Negotiation Strategy #6

Often, when someone can’t afford to buy the whole thing, we break it up into phases, hoping to sell the long range vision, but signing up for just phase 1 with an eye on future phases.  On the purchasing side, a similar strategy is common – “There’s more to come…” Purchasing Strategy Especially for big […]

Can You Trust Your IT Contact? Negotiating Strategy #3

I was talking with one of my mentor program clients yesterday – his deal, like many, has gone to purchasing.  The hardware has been approved, but the services are under scrutiny.  “Sharpen your pencil,” they’re telling him.  “We can get it cheaper – that’s what other firms we are considering are saying.”  All of this […]