Leveraging Four Transformational Technologies To Drive Services

Important Transformational Technology Trends As I read the CIO Journal (special section of the Wall Street Journal), I continue to come across four transformational technologies areas: Cloud Big Data Analytics Mobility/BYOD/Consumerization Social Media and Collaboration While you might not be specifically selling a turnkey solution in one of these areas, it is helpful to know […]

Finding Value in Commodity Technology

Just leaving Orange County, CA – I had the honor of presenting to Ingram Micro’s Unified Communications and Mobility resellers this morning at their annual Technology Solutions Conference.  My topic:  How do you demonstrate strong value with commoditizing technology?  Starting out with the question, “What do you do and what does your company do?”  demonstrates […]

Stop Dreaming About Yesterday

I’ve met too many sales people over the past decade who are stuck dreaming about the 90’s.  They had large accounts, perhaps covered one large global client.  They made big money, have impressive contacts, traveled the world, and won awards.  Innovation was high, new technologies drove early adopter buyers to research and seek out differentiating […]